Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Oregon Road Trippin' Day 9

July 14, 2017

You might be pleased to find out that you don't have to scroll through 9 million photos today because I hardly have any from this leg of our Oregon trip.

Here's why in incomplete sentences.
California air.

Oh wait.
I already mentioned that one.
Oh well.

We begrudgingly packed up to leave Bend.
I know.
It was a sheer feat of will power.

Steve eased the pain a little by taking his morning walk to The Sparrow Bakery again, getting some lattes and their infamous Ocean Rolls.
It's probably really spectacular that I didn't ingest an Ocean Roll before this moment, because if we were staying, I might only eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ever again.

We left Bend, and headed to Crater Lake.

It is definitley as beautiful in person as all the pictures make it seem.
My only regret is that for me, it seemed a little anti-climactic.
If we were to do it over, I would have planned the day there to go hike, specifically down to the boat launch area where you can pay for a boat ride over to Wizard's Island.

We didn't do that.
So, we drove, got out of the car.
Took some pictures.
Drove some more.
Took some more pictures.
Drove to the gift shop.
Used the restroom.
Bought some swag.
Took some pictures.

The beauty and history of how this was formed is awe inspiring.
The interaction with it left me wanting more...I needed more than just
a turnout to take a picture in.

Back on the road, and headed to Klamath Falls.

I should really have spent more time on the internet researching this.
We ended up in Klamath Falls alright.
We were "those" people.

Read this from Explore Klamath Lakes:

"Where are the falls?"

That's the first question asked by many visitors and newcomers to Klamath Falls. The query often meets with a blank expression from local residents who aren't sure how to respond. Depending on the time of year, that can be a tough question to answer.
The city of Klamath Falls was originally named Linkville after a short river that links two lakes on either side of the town. Community leaders decided in 1893 to change the city's name to Klamath Falls. Their idea was to "let the world know of our water power." The falls they had in mind were apparently a series of rapids in Link River, where waters from Upper Klamath Lake spilled over a natural reef that served as the lake's natural outlet.
A hydroelectric project built in 1921 significantly altered the Link River reef, virtually eliminating the rapids except during periods of high water. Today, a 1.3-mile hiking trail along Link River, maintained by Pacific Power, provides a pleasurable route for a nature hike.
Here you'll find more information on the Link River Trail, as well as directions to several other waterfalls in the area.

After lunching at A Leap of Faith
we asked our chatty Dutch Bros. employees where to go see a waterfall.
They suggested Grants Pass.
A nearly 2 hour drive from where we were.

We pulled out of the Dutch Bros. drive through, looked at each other and asked, "Have you seen enough waterfalls on this trip yet?"
Emphatically, we agreed yes.

Take me to the California line.

 So that's what we did.
That happens to be Mt. Shasta in the background.
We were supposed to stop and do stuff here too.
Instead, I slept for most of the drive.

We arrived in Redding at our next Motel 6.
I begged Steve for french fries.
We found a McDonald's nearby, but low and behold next to it was a Del Taco.
If you've ever been in the car with me and Del Taco is an option...they have one of my
many vices.
Chili Cheese Fries.
I have eaten a lot of good food in my life.
Del Taco Chili Cheese Fries will always be my homegirl.
Pft. Don't judge.

Chili Cheese Fries in hand, we made our way back to our room for more relaxing.  We were all tired and trying to gear up for our plans to go to an A's game the next afternoon.

Upon making our way to the room, Steve decided he wanted to sleep for 30 minutes and get on the road to go HOME.

We still had stuff on the docket?!

That's like a 6 hour drive.

He said yup.
He wanted to go home.
I did too, deep down.

So, we packed up the car, said thank you to the Motel 6 for our hour stay, gassed up the car and hit the road.

We spit seeds and listened to the Dodger game as we took in the familiar sights of the 99.
Headed home.
Since we got to listen to a wonderful Dodger win, we didn't need to head over to see the A's play.
Save that stadium for another trip.

Honestly, there is no place quite like it.

Oregon Road Trippin' Day 8

July 13, 2017

We left bright and early from The Dalles as promised.
My oh my how the landscape changed...

It was a decent drive from The Dalles to Bend.
What a difference a day makes.
I'm officially in love with Bend.
I'm going back to Bend.
I don't know when, but it's happening.
Bend and I are BFF now.

I saw a truck with a sticker on the back that read, "Bend sucks, don't move there."
I get it dude.

I had on our agenda to get to Bend early so that we could rent tubes and float down the river.

This was what I imagined because I saw all the cool ads from Sun Country River Tours:
This is their pic.

Unfortunately, when we drove across the bridge Macy saw the one part of the route that I had already known was there based on this map:

You can choose to go the Passageway Channel, or get up and walk around it.  Macy couldn't quite wrap her mind around that...all she could picture was this:

At that point, there was no convincing her, and I didn't want her to feel pressured to do it from the rest of us.  So we spent our morning walking the riverfront. 

There are lots of food options along the river walk in the Old Mill District.
They offer a you pick two.
Everything we ordered was delicious.

As we walked back to our parked car, Macy determined that after walking the Deschutes River, she could be agreeable next time to take the plunge.
We immediately started checking nearby places to stay for an extended vacation here next time.
Bend, we are coming back for you!

We checked in to another Motel 6, and it was so much nicer.
Again, kind people working there, pool at the "resort" for my Z....
Bend, we love you.

We got ourselves settled into our room and jetted off in a small little shopping district.
You could easily stay here ALL day.

Macy and I loved this store, Junque in Bloom.

Here is our favorite among favorites.

While Steve and Z chilled on the patio, Macy and I explored some nearby shops.

This is called the Workhouse.
This is what their website says about their space.

"As a micro-model for a global movement toward sustainability, The Workhouse promotes the values of grassroots craft culture by engaging in a constructive, viable, and creative economy. Our focus is on high-quality, locally-made, sustainable art that offers diverse options for conscientious buyers. We aim to demystify the art-making process through interaction with our studio artists and workshops. We are a platform for local artists to get back to work: we operate as a place of exchange between artists and their community, providing a retail gallery, on-site studios, events and educational programming for Bend and Central Oregon." 
We were so inspired in this space.
You can walk around and watch the artists themselves in their maker space creating their wares.

We were happy to purchase some trinkets as a souvenir of our trip.
I bought a sweet little handmade necklace by Ashley Scholtes "Mitch Jewelry", and Macy used her spending money to get a planner for school from Katie Daisy.
 Behind Steve is a shop called Cindrcone Clay Center where I purchased some super cool handmade clay pots and saucers.
Visiting art spaces like this one makes me wish I had paid better attention in art while I was in high school.
If I lived here, I would absolutely sign up for their workshops and spend much of my free time in this inspiring space. Plus, The Sparrow Bakery is right there so I would easily get my fill of Cardamon Lattes.
Bend, all the heart eyes. Seriously.

 I was overwhelmed by the opportunities of things to do in Bend, so after some negotiating and "Trip Advisoring"...we decided on Todd Lake and Sparks Lake hikes at the base of Mount Bachelor.

 Mt. Bachelor

The kids are getting really good at spotting hidden hearts.
The snowmelt was pretty cold headed into the lake!

 I asked Steve to pause for a photo....he asked if I wanted his "best side....."

He knows I love his calves.
Dang that wildflower is in the way.
How rude.
 On nearly every bridge, the kids felt like they had to LAY DOWN on them to feel the water.

A small drive up the road leads you to Sparks Lake.
Much bigger in size and more people using it to swim, canoe, and paddle board.
I was pretty cold.


 Zach was the only one brave enough to take a dip in the water.

 Steve was nice and relaxed reading and napping.
We finally got to use our beach chairs for something other than a parking lot pizza picnic.

It was getting late and we had promised Z some pool time before the pool was going to close so we stopped for dinner at Spork.
This was easily one of my favorite restaurants on our entire trip.
They don't take reservations, and you will stand in a realllllly long line to order your food.
There is no saving seats.
You cannot sit down until you have ordered, and then you just cross your fingers that something opens up for you once you've ordered.
We hit the jackpot and were lucky to sit in a booth.  There is both indoor and outdoor seating.
We ordered;
Thai Steak Salad: grilled bavette steak + greens + cabbage + bean sprouts + herbs + fried shallot + toasted coconut + nam-jim sweet-spicy tart tamarind dressing
Kids Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl
Korean BBQ Short Ribs: gochujang marinated grilled short rib + fried organic egg + Kimchi + jasmine rice + fried nori + bean sprouts + sweet soy + green onions + toasted sesame seeds
Cucumber Salad
Burmese Fried Cheese
Grilled Sweet Corn
Kelapa Juice: coconut water + lime + cardamon syrup + pineapple juice

If you MUST order a Kelapa juice and grilled sweet corn.
Geez Bend, as if you didn't already have my heart?

So guy with the Bend sticker that explains how bad your town sucks. 
I agree.
I'm never coming back.
I clearly had the WORST day EVER.
wink. wink.