Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Come on and hit me with your best shot....

Alright blogger buddies...I'm ready for some new ideas. I know you all have your pregger stories so I want to hear 'em. And...if you feel so inclined, I want your ideas of how to get the ball rolling. I'm ready....ohhhhhhh so ready to try something new. Let me hear them! away!


  1. Hmm...well, I was induced with Carter so that's one suggestion. (I posted Carter's birth story on my blog...back in late February archives)

    My friend has a suggestion she swears by...but it's not very politically correct: she has a beer.

    Don't ask me why but that's what put her into labor with both her kids!

  2. Hi cutie pie! I just got 'caught up' after the long (yea!) weekend.
    I am so glad you did a belly cast for Zach too! Ok, here is Tracy's suggestion to bring him quickly;
    you & Steven need to do what you did to get in this wonderful predicament. Not exactly her phrasing, but you know what I mean.
    Lovies & Huggies
    (typed juggies, freudian? lol)

  3. I've heard the sex thing too, but my suggestion is a foot rub. According to reflexology the ankle is where your reproductive system is, so if you have Steve rub your feet and concentrate on your ankles it could help! So sorry, I know how you're feeling.

  4. Here is what I did the night before Kadence was born: (hope this is not too much info)
    1. Spicy Mexican dinner
    2. LOOONG fast walk
    3. Sex
    It worked!
    Also, since living in Colorado, everyone says that higher elevations will throw you into labor. I have been banned from all mountains. So go climb a mountain, or just drive to the top of one and stay there for the afternoon and then come home. When you get back to your normal elevation it is supposed to work. I had never heard this before, but this is my plan if Keaton is taking too long!