Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Husband, My Hero

For those of you who don't know Steve very well, you have to understand one very important thing first...I stole him from the city. Born and raised a "flatlander" I kidnapped him and made him move to the mountains. (He was willing, really, but had no idea what he was in for.)

Steve has worked very hard to provide me with every crazy dream I have ever wanted. We first moved to Auberry after 8 months of marriage into a 450 sq. foot fixer-upper. We have survived a home building project, landscape nightmares, and many other things that would take me hours to tell.

We have loving named Steve, Old MacDonald as he has undertaken a regular old farm life atmosphere. Steve does all the landscaping maintenance and at this point in my pregnancy takes care of all the animals we have.

We used to have 6 llamas (until a neighborhood pack of dogs decided to chew on two of them and we got rid of them shortly thereafter.) We currently have 4 goats (Mala, Stella, Cocoa, and Nanny), 5 chickens (Greta, Harriett, Clarabell, Martha, and Daisy) and a Golden Lab (who is as big as a horse) named Blitz.

The reason for my blog today is to thank my husband publicly for his many hours of tending to our dreams. He isn't a man of a lot of words, and he isn't a big complainer. But the last two days for him have been shall we say, a little over-the-edge.

Last night, he had to bury our old goat, Mr. Miyagi. We know he was very old, and we are pretty certain the heat got to him (not to mention that big growth thing he had on his side...).

Today, as I was out watering in the cool of the evening, I had that "moment of freeze panic" as I spotted what appeared to be an alligator lizard. Upon closer examination, we realized we had a baby rattlesnake on our hands. Approx. 3 feet from where Macy and I were watering. Can anyone say scary? This is not good, considering that I have recurring nightmares about snakes. Just what my over-active imagination needs. Great. However, Steve whomped on that sucker. Dead. Praise Jesus.

So Steve, THANK YOU. I love you so much and am so thankful for the way you protect and defend your family. Muah! -J


  1. I want a little goat. Too cute!

  2. oh this looks life a life well lived. you are enjoying life if you have all this going on around you. it really sounds lovely to me.

    looking at your prego belly reminds me of myself at 9 months...very simliar healthy look. :) makes me miss it a bit.
    best wishes on your labor.

    have a great day on your farm.

  3. awww he IS a good husband! gotta love the Lloyd boys! but OMG, eeewww a SNAKE! yuck! and poor mr miyagi--may he rest in peace.

  4. I am really proud of Steve. Even though we don't live in the mountains yet, Dave can't wait to be the mountain guy too! On the days we're hanging out at Shaver with all "my" mountain friends and I see Dave loving it so much I wonder if it was always inside him or if the mountain life is so contagious he just had to convert!

  5. A SNAKE! Ai yi yi! I would have run screaming!! Eeewwww!

    I can be a real sissy about snakes, can you tell?

    So how high are you in elevation? We live at 7000 ft and love it. Something about the cool mountain air don't you think?

    I just love the animal farm as well. We keep saying we are going to move back to the midwest, and raise beef cattle, pigs, and chickens. We just might. Although, we really think we would miss living in the mountains as well.

    Your little one must love all of her animals. What great parents! :)