Friday, May 16, 2008

Warning: Daddy Hijack!

Okay, just testing things out as I have some pictures and video I've shot with my Treo over the past year or so. Getting ready for possibly snapping some pics of Zachary once he's born for quick posting to the blog, so we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy. Here's a video of Macy getting her ears pierced (yes, this was her first ear, and yes, her second ear was pierced right after, but no video! What a trooper!

WARNING: Do NOT show to your child if you are planning to take them to get their ears pierced. I had the pleasure of showing Macy several videos of kids getting their ears pierced where it looked like nothing happened in order to mentally prepare her for this day.

I think the pain lasted about 5 minutes or so, but after that she was fine...until we had to clean them (I'll let Joni tell that story). Anyways, here's a quick close up of the bling-bling earring:

Macy went to Chuck-E-Cheese for the first time for a birthday party for one of her friends, so I snapped a quick pic of her with the 'fake' can see how at ease she is with the fake Chuck, making a move on him with her right arm sliding behind him as she drives.

Cool shot of Macy and her cousin Jackson...first time she got to hold him! Showered him with lots of kisses, and good prep for when Zachary is born:

Snapped this one at an anniversary party out on a ranch...Macy enjoyed playing on the hay bull:

That's all I have for now - hijack over!

PS. Was originally going to post this, but figured I better make it about Macy first ;)...

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