Friday, June 20, 2008


Post for the better word than hot.

Zach's 2 week appointment was today. Dr. said he looked "hot." Just kidding. He said he looked great. He's a whopping 8 lbs. Taking a baby out in the Fresno heat is just wrong. There really should be a law against it.

It was hot.

Tried to pick up Steve's car from Costco (he got new tires whoot whooot!) He took it in at lunch time. I was there at 5 to pick it up. Still hadn't even been put on the rack.

Can anyone say hot?
Cuz I was, in the mean kinda way. The technician went out to get the car as I was leaving.

He KNEW I was hot.
I stopped him in the parking lot to find out when I could get the car, and he realized that the tires that were special ordered were the wrong ones. Add some degrees to the temperature please. Steve had the receipt. I had to drive to Steve's new office to pick him up because he had the "receipt," right?
He had the paperwork, but never received the receipt. More degrees here people. Returns took forever. Cool down the temp a bit, because the new tires were cheaper.
1 hour later, new tires on my hubbies car.
Praise the Lord.

At this point I'm hot.
Loaded the kids in the car. Fed Zach for what seemed like the millionth time today.
He's tired of being in Fresno.
Macy is tired of Mommy being fussy.
Steve's in a button up shirt.
The whole "fam damily" is hot.

We hit up the Shop and Go. It's cool inside. Ahhhh....big waters and a cup of ice. This is my flushed face waiting at the Shop and Go.
Can you see the "I'm over the edge" look in those eyes??

Yup. Over the edge too. And, need I mention...HOT?

He is actually saying, "Why are you taking a picture of this?
My response: "Because today is soooooo blog worthy."
(editor's note: you know you are blog obsessed when you
look at events in your life and ask, "is this bloggable?")

Finally we head for the big "family time" destination of the day. I've been begging to go to Farmer's Market.

But man, it's HOT.
We race through like we're on one of those tv game shows where you have only so many minutes to get as much crap in your cart as possible. We won the grand prize today.
30 minutes: shopping, a feeding, and a diaper, and we were outta there.
Quick family time, cuz it was....everybody now.....
Looking at actual honeycomb.
Macy was smitten because she adores honey sticks and is always
asking where honey comes from.
(at this point i adore this question, because it could
sound like this instead, "mom where do babies come from?")

What could be better? Honey stick and a bag of mixed cherries. Life is good.
Even if it's HOT.

Now that's some good lookin' er, I mean "hawt" lookin' food!


  1. Cute post! And delicious-looking food.

    (I found you through POW!...)

  2. That was on HOT post!!

    You are just too funny, and I agree that HOT was the perfect word for the day. Sorry you all are dying of heat. Is it alot cooler up on the mountain??

    If it makes you feel any better, you are still pretty even when you have come to blows with the tire dude at Costco. :)

  3. Ok so I meant ONE HOT POST!

    I can't spell or spell check obviously!

  4. Whoa....I know that 'Joni is HOT' face. I think you get that face from your auntie....

  5. Stacy: delicious yes. Almost gone, yes.

    Kristen: Thanks! Not too much cooler up here. Sadly. I didn't feel very pretty, so thanks! :)

    Auntie: Quite possibly. Macy even asked, "Mama, why you making a fussy face?"

  6. That post was fiery HOT with blog fierceness!!!!!

    I love how you took pics of everyone in the car.

    You are SUCH a blog-aholic and I love you for it!

  7. I feel your pain. Delivering mail today in a vehicle for 2 hours that was about 120 degrees, was HOT! Too bad it's not bloggworthy... yet.

  8. Joni you crack me up! I laughed so hard and could almost feel the heat. :) Don't miss those Fresno summers. But you are super-brave to take those kiddos out in the heat 2 weeks after you gave birth! I think it would have pushed me over the edge...

  9. I wish it were hotter here, interested in a life exchange??

    Too funny about thinking 'Is this bloggable?' being an indication of blog addiction. I hold both hands up-I totally do that!!

  10. I LOVE reading your blogs - and all the wonderful pictures. You're amazing. (Daddy Joe sent us the link)
    Linda M