Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here's a story for ya...

Story for you...
I have a thing for projects.
Love projects. I guess it's an addiction. I especially love when it's a project that the "fam" can do together. Steve got everything set up for this project. We bought a picnic table (back in March!) and finally put it together. Tonight we decided to finally paint it. I walked outside to see them working on it together. {heart}

Me: Ahhh...this is so cute. Let me run and grab the camera.
Macy: Mom! This is so much fun! Dad and I are painting together!
Steve: Don't take a picture of me in my grubbies.
Me: Uh, okay...want me to grab your suit so you look good on the blog?
Steve: Funny.
Macy: Mom, I'm doing a good job, huh? See, I'm a big helper.
Me: I'm so proud of you guys! Looking good.

{I decide that Steve and Macy have it well under control so I decide that Zach and I need to go to "Rabbit's Garden" to do some watering. To my delight I find that my first tomato has set on. I can hardly contain my excitement.}

I run (not really) back to Steve and Macy to find this...
What the heck?
I was gone for like 10 minutes and the kid practically took a bath in the paint.
Not to mention there are little white footprints on our walkway and all over the grass now.
Just when I thought they had it under control.
Mom had to come back and bust 'em.

Look at that face. She knows. Ohhhh she knows.

Here's the icing on the cake people...
I ban her from helping any more after I scrub the white paint off her hands.
She pouts...I feel like I've done the "right" mom thing and made the boundaries very clear.
THEN...she says this...

Macy: Mom, puuuulllleaaaaazzzzze can I help?????
I want to do this TOGETHER.

I'm a sucker. I reinstated her help. She got me. Dang she's smart.
Hook. Line. And Sinker.
White paint. All over.

The End.


  1. I found you through McMommy and I have to say I was laughing out loud at this post! That little face, how could you say no? But oh my...what a mess! Hope it all worked out in the end :)

  2. Holy Moly!!! First of all...didn't you have a baby...oh, I don't know...LIKE YESTERDAY??? And you are out gardening?!! Seriously, you really are supermom!!

    Loved the Macy covered in paint pic!!

  3. Too funny! I LOVE her little white footprints through the grass.

    And YAY for your tomato! That is awesome! :)

    Hope the white paint is out of her hair. And I guess, at least she was having fun helping!

  4. That is so funny! You crack me up! And, seriously, what are you doing out of bed???

  5. From my experience when they are doing anything creative/messy with dad it is never a good time to leave them to it. It always ends in disaster.

    Macy really knows how to work the old heart strings huh? So cute!

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  7. Just me again....stopping by to say Happy POW!