Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Mellow" Yellow???

I had great aspirations that the color yellow would really bring upon "mellowness" in our household. It couldn't have been further from the truth. I almost didn't blog about "yellow" because today was such a forced, "let's have fun with this!" day.

Luckily, after dinner, with a little help from daddy, "Yellow Day" was saved. In all honest bloginess, today consisted of me literally growling at my child to pulllleaaaaaaaase take a nap, a moment where I hung my head in my hands and a lonely little tear rolled down my cheek, and salvation when my mom came up to visit and rocked my "yellow" kid to sleep. Sweet Jesus. Thank you for mothers. Amazing what a little nap will do.

We are again all smiles in the Lloyd household. This is reality folks. We are not a perfect blog family, and seriously, I have no super powers. I do activities with my kid to stay sane and to give us some structure for our day. She is so smart and needs to be engaged in activities. Rainbow Roundup was (is) what we look forward to in the day because it gives us something to focus on...otherwise, it could quite possibly be hours upon hours of any princess movie, Dora, Blues, Backyardigans, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It makes me feel like I'm trying to do something with her instead of stickin' her in front of the t.v. Don't get me wrong, we frequent the beauty of brainless t.v.

Hold on to your hats because tomorrow is "GREEN DAY" with her Oma.

Sportin' her YELLOW digs.

Some YELLOW corn with dinner.

YELLOW (golden) raisins for dessert.

Making our YELLOW collage.



  1. i love your honest. and miss you dearly. i need my joni.

  2. At least in pictures, it looks like a mellow yellow day. No chaos in sight :)

  3. What a cute idea, very impressed!!

    I do love the brainless TV as a last resort. I worship Diego for the trance like effect he has on my boys!

  4. How fun - I love all the yellow!!! Cool - all the pictures are so great. Super POW!

  5. Glad to hear you are human. :) But I still think you're amazing and such a great mommy for keeping your daughter stimulated and feeling so special during this time!

  6. I hope that I wasn't the reason for your "not a super mommy" part. I just remember after Anya was born, barely being able to get a shower. Thinking to myself, I am totally drowning here.

    So I guess I am just impressed. But I understand why you do what you do. Better to keep her entertained than just sitting around. That I understand!

    But, hey Joni, I still think you are fabulous! I still am impressed. And both Zach and Macy are two lucky kids to have you as a Mama!