Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Son is Lost and Needs Directions

So we found a sign on our walk that we might need to show Zach. Perhaps he's too stubborn to ask for help, or maybe he's showing off his manhood by not asking for directions ..The latest update is that things are progressing pretty naturally. We just finished up our 3rd hour of walking (not cosecutively) around 945 pm pst. Nurse just checked on Joni and hopefully Zachary will be an early morning baby...the contractions are hitting pretty hard every few minutes but no drugs or pain relievers yet. Gonna see if we can get some rest, but given the strength of the contractions it might be wishful thinking!


  1. I talked to grandpa Taylor about an hour ago, and he too was checking the blog for updates even having talked to Steven minutes before! We are all so anxious. Come on sweet Zach! (maybe he's going to be a night owl like his g auntie xoxoxoxoxoxoxox).

    I'm gonna wait up!

  2. Grandpa here. I'm gonna go wake Grandma and head down the hill. Macy is still up but she'll probably fall asleep in the car. Won't be long now!

  3. Yea! I am glad that Macy is on the way and is bringing grandma & grandpa! Will she get there in time? What hat will grandpa be wearing? How much will Zach weigh? And what time will he arrive? hmmmmmm.......
    inquiring minds want to know.