Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Blogginess...

Peonies from Aunt Karen...amazing!!Aunt Karen sent this to us a few days ago. When they arrived, they were in a tight little ball and I had no idea what kind of flower they were. Then, just as if I was watching the Discovery Channel, they began to open right before my this time lapse photography kind of way. It was spectacular. They are the happiest, most delightful flower I have ever received.

cHarlEsTon cHewS! wHo kNew???
So apparently I love Charleston Chews all of a sudden. This has never been a candy that I have chosen when at the store...I'm pretty sure the only time I've eaten them is around Halloween. However, at my favorite store...the $ store...they literally called my name. It's like my pregnant stomach was magnetized to them and couldn't turn away. I have almost eaten the entire box...but hey...they're "mini!"
While perusing at the lovely $ store, I stumbled upon these great little paper clips. I thought too cute! They also came with some fancy little push pins.

You know you had some. Every kid needs jellies. Especially my princess daughter. These happen to be sparkly and go amazingly well with her boa.

This was bloggy randomness for your viewing pleasure. Completely chocolate inspired. Happy June!


  1. those flowers equal BEAUTIFUL! love love love!!!

  2. Pretty flowers, chocolate, and great shoes??

    What more does are girl ever need or want!!

    Yea for you!!!

    Hoping Zach is feeling up to making an appearance soon! :)

  3. Oh Joni! You were right (so what else is new?) The flowers are wonderfully beautiful and smiling! Just like you sweet niece.

    I have been checking the blog every hour to keep on on Zach's progress. It won't be long beautiful girl!

    Huggies & luvvies to Macy! MUAH!

    auntie says hi to MAtt and Sara & Jackson too!