Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Donut Smiles

These are easy-smeezy.

Get a pack or two of your trusted ole' Pillsbury Dough Boy biscuits.
(Even the store brand would be yumm-o, I bet.)

Form them into a donut-like shape by stickin' your finger in the middle of the biscuit and pulling gently around.

Toss them (gently now folks, this is hot oil we are talking about here) into your Fry-Daddy or some other type of frying contraption. (A regular pot of hot oil will suffice.)

Fry them until they look "golden" brown.

While they are still hot, either dip into sugar, frost, sprinkle, or do whatcha' like to the tops of these guys.

You could even leave them plain. What a concept.

Happy Sunday Smiles to you and yours!


  1. Yummy! Those donuts look good. I'm going to try this one out.Thanks for the comment on the blog. Glad to see people are enjoying my blog, all though not as cute and entertaing as yours :)!!

  2. Ummmmm can you say YUM-O!!

    Guess who is adding this to her grocery list for tomorrow!


    When I saw the pictures I thought, she better tell me how to make these. Thanks for delivery the info! :)

  3. Mmmmmm! We used to make donuts all the time when I was little. Now we end up just buying them. I need to get back into making them though - they are the best!

  4. this looks so good!

    i would never have thought to use pillsbury. i have never made donuts.
    now i know how!

    your baby is getting big already!