Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This Ain't No Tempur-Pedic

This Ain't No Tempur-Pedic, originally uploaded by sjlloyd01.

Well, at least not according to Joni ;). It's almost 730 pm pst and contractions are coming every 3 minutes or so, giving us some reason for optimism...also, Joni mentioned the updates going forward will ALL be positive!!! Thanks for the support, prayers, and keeping us in your thoughts. Joni is definitely being a great trooper!


  1. keep up the good work!! you guys are going GREAT! sending thoughts and prayers. love you!

  2. Hoping for a super quick delivery! GO Joni! And come on Zach!!

  3. Hi Joni, I'm going to be up late completing my report cards so I will be waiting for Zac to arrive. Keep us posted. I am sending you good vibrations. Love Tery

  4. I'm with the rest! Good vibrations, keep up the good work, super quick may be a little too late, but you are in my thoughts and prayers. Always, all ways.

    I sent his welcome gift to Java time for tomorrow delivery and hopefully it will get to you tomorrow night. Maybe he is waiting...

  5. Hi Matt & Sara and Jackson too! Isn't this exciting??? Almost like when we were all sitting and waiting for Macy. Love to you. Keep up the good thoughts!

  6. Please Please Please keep these commin!!!!! WE LOVE feeling like we are there!!!

    Our prayers are with you guys

    love you :)

    Joe and Heidi