Friday, July 25, 2008

Cool Uncle Max

We all have to have at least ONE cool uncle.

Macy happens to have 3 at the present time. All three are super cool in their own right.
Uncle Max is uber cool though.

Macy's birthday present from him was a day on the lake. I told you he was uber cool.
Hey Max, my birthday is in March, remember? Maybe the lake is a bit cold then, but I'm just sayin.People, she is only 3. I know. I already know.

A little sand action.

Didn't the guy from Miami Vice wear those glasses?
Who ever thought they would be back in style??

Driving? Driving? And without a life jacket? You are kidding me.
Oh wait, they are beached. I can breathe again.

Thanks Uncle Max for a rockin' birthday gift.
(Next time, don't forget the sunscreen. She resembles Sebastian.)


  1. Wow, awsome gift! I'd take something HALF as good any day!

  2. Wow can Max be my Uncle too?

    Looks like she had a terrific time.

  3. Uncle Max rocks!
    As do his sunglasses.
    I want McDaddy to get a pair of those!

    Happy (belated) Birthday Macy!!

  4. Max always was rockin! I am lovin his glasses! What a fab uncle, i love that he took her to the lake, so sweet.

    Guess what? I tagged you missy! come on over and see what it's all about :)