Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden Delights

I picked my first veggies from the garden! It was so exciting! It was almost painful to cut up. I made chicken kebabs with the bells, sweet Hawaiian onions, and cherry tomatoes. YUM-O.
Doesn't the bell on the right look like it has a face? I literally see two eyes, a nose, and a very obvious mouth. I dunno, am I trying to hard here? :)


  1. Have you ever seen that book, "How are you Peelin?" I LOVE it!!
    Your bell pepper reminded me of that :D
    how incredibly proud you must be, it would've been SO hard to pick AND eat them! What an emotional day! LOL or maybe i'm just a dork.
    probably the latter ;)
    but i'm totally serious, it would've been difficult to eat my prized goods!

  2. Totally see the face. You are so not losing it! :)

    And congrats on such beautiful veggies! I am still waiting for ours.....

  3. He's a funny one, isn't it? I see him too. I think he's kind of quirky ;)

  4. Congrats! And yes, I definitely see the face. haha! We're still patiently waiting for our first "harvest". There is a very green tomato that's making progress and the zucchini plant is going crazy!

    *Found your blog on POW! Love your playlist...I need to update mine with some David Cook songs! :)