Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm back in 3rd Grade

I've been tagged. Now I'm gonna tag you...

But first, the rules.

1. link back to the person who tagged you. (Jimaie)

2. post these rules on your blog.

3. share six unimportant things about yourself.

4. tag people at the end of your entry.

Here goes: (I'm having a hard time doing this because my left eye won't stop dripping and my sinuses are giving me the worst headache. Blast. You know this means I'm sick. Not fair.)

1. My feet stopped growing in the 6th grade. I am still a size 5 1/2 (closer to a good 6 now after having children). I had a pair of shoes from the 4th grade (penny loafers) that I had all the way into college. It was so hard to retire them. They were from Stride Rite. And yes, they had real pennies in them. I joke you not.

2. I love to clean people's feet and toenails. I don't know if I could do it for a living. I like to pick at things in general. It probably should not be psycho-analyzed. I just like clean toes. This is not to say that mine always are, just that I really like them clean. So, if you see me with grown out polish, or funk in general, don't judge me....*wink*

3. I love the smell of a new package of diapers. Notice how I said "new." There is nothing magical for me about a soiled one.

4. I have very vivid dreams. So vivid that I question if it really happened sometimes. I also have re-occurring dreams about snakes and spiders. That should probably be analyzed. ;)

5. I sleep better when I go to bed with a clean kitchen. It's a proven fact.

6. I can no longer drink a glass of wine. ( i can hear McMommy gasping right now ). I turn all red in the cheeks and chest and feel like my face is on fire. This happens after just a few sips. I'm a lightweight. It's so sad. I have a picture to prove it. I hear it's called Alcohol Flush?
Alright, lets run around the playground just a bit...tag! You're it!

1. Sara (Lloyd's in La La Land) my darling sister-in-law

2. Amanda (The Lebda's) mama of little Coop and all around amazing gal.

3. Joanna (Kurtz Family) mama of one and another on the way any day!

4. Sarah (We are Wyatt) super sheik mama of two

5. Hayley (Ferguson Four) my good friend and mama of two!

Let's see what you girls have got!


  1. ooooh i KNEW you were gonna tag me. alright, here it goes... muah!

  2. oh noes!! alcohol flush?! what a terrible thing! but i do so love that you included a picture :D
    you are just too cute.
    i am oh so jealous of your loafers with an actual penny in them!! LOL thats rad and the fact that you owned them for -that- long? even awesomer.
    thanks for playing, yay!! :)

  3. Um, wow, your feet are really small. I am so jealous. I have mondo feet. I've always wanted little feet...
    OK I will do this on my blog! Probably later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for giving me something to write about! How fun!

  4. This was the best.. Thanks for sharing and not tagging??LOL