Tuesday, July 15, 2008

W is for Wonderful Wyatts!

Steve's best friend (and our best man) MAX did us an amazing favor and took pictures of our little Zach (and the rest of the family for that matter) for his upcoming announcements.
Why is it with your second child, everything takes twice as long? When Macy was born I was like super-duper fast and had her announcements out in like 2 weeks, announcement in the paper, and part of her scrapbook was done.

Poor little Zach! I haven't even written in his journal about his birth, let alone work on his scrapbook. Yikes. I have some catching up to do!!!!

I thought I would show off Max's mad photographic skills and take a moment to publicly thank him for helping me get these finished.

While I'm at it, I should probably thank the Fergusons too because I have never done Photoshop before and they have helped me out with my new addiction to Photoshop. I offer them my extreme gratitude for giving helpful criticism and putting up with my never-ending plethora of questions.

Heck, while I'm in the mood of giving thanks, I should probably give a shout out to my dad for fixing our water pump issues when we thought we were out of water, and for his general help ALL the time, pretty much whenever we ask. Does anyone else out there have handy dads? My dad rocks, by the way. ( I bet he's reading this right now blushing ) But really, he rocks my socks. Do me a favor and stop by his blog and look at all the crazy stuff he has for sale at ScavengerLand. That would make his day. Anyone want to buy a petrified cat? Bwhahahaa.

Oh, and how could I forget Kristen. Kristen just awarded me with a "must see blog" award. That made me feel uber special. I have never given out awards. Well, sorta. I tried to do a "Cheeky Chef" award, but nobody wanted to play with me. If I did give out awards, I would totally give one to her, and McMommy too. I love love love love love their blogs, and what's even better, they leave me comments on my blog. And. I. Love. Comments. So, here's to you Kristen and McMommy. My friends have asked if we really know each other...nope...just bloggy friends. HOWEVER, I do believe we are kindred spirits in Bloggywood. Maybe I should use my newfound Photoshop skills to create an award for being kindred spirits. Um, like maybe after I catch up on some of Zach's stuff. What a concept.

Well, I'm off. To do laundry. Dishes. Maybe even a journal entry to Zach. Enjoy the pics.


  1. Great pictures, he is just adorable!

  2. oh. my. gosh. pictures = AMAZING!! Max is awesome. he should get an award, too!! and if getting stuff out for the second child is slower--i'll probably get out our future second child's stuff out by 1 year. sheesh!! anyways, i miss you. but LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. and you. and macy. and zach. and of course, steve ;-)

  3. What a super cutie pie you have on your hands there! Those pictures are just adorable!! :)

    And yes, my dear kindred spirits. Seriously, I think we should have a get together with a couple bottles of wine, I'll bring all my scrapbook stuff (since anya is turning two and hers is only done through 4 months) and we will work on those together! Sound like a plan??

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    And hang in there, poor baby two, there scrapbook is so much harder.

  4. Those pictures came out fabulous! I love them!!!

  5. great Pics...Kudos Max and fam...hey don't give up on teh Cheeky Chef...I am still trying to figure out what to submit! Jen C


  6. Oh they are adorable! Sweet baby boy...I love the one of the whole family! Can you believe there are 4 of you! Crazy.
    Funny side note - I went to elementary school and Junior High with Max Wyatt. For a couple of years and then I moved to Clovis. I just remember he wore this shirt with a bunch of fish on it that were all going the same way and then one going the opposite way, and it said "go against the flow." I have no idea why I remember that. I think he wore it a lot. Random.

  7. I love watching your BLOGGIN groove! I show it Off every chance I get.. " this is my friend Joni.. she rocks. we go way back... that is what I tell people.. for reals..
    keep inspiring JAMI

    hugs to all,

  8. What gorgeous pictures! You have a beautiful family!