Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ahem. we're DODGER fans.

Dear Dodgers,

While we are delighted that you have now acquired Manny Ramirez and can hardly wait to see him play on your team in "real life," we have to be honest and tell you that we cheated on you. It wasn't anything serious. You were out of town. It just sorta happened. There was this guy. And he had tickets he wasn't using. He used those magic words, "free" and we just couldn't say no. We thought of you the whole time. Promise. Just wanted to be upfront in our relationship with you. Please forgive us. We love you Dodgers.

Macy and Daddy at the (angels) game.
$3.75 for cotton candy this time. Sure beats $12 at the circus!

Uncle Matt and Macy goofin' off (cuz the angels aren't as exciting as the DODGERS)

(we do like your stadium though. nice and clean)

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  1. hahahah!! i love that. and the Dodgers understand. they told me. well, my boyfriends told me (Russ Martin and Andre Either)--they forgive you. cute pics, too!!