Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Daddy's House

We watched.

We crossed our fingers.

(Cuz I couldn't stand that squinty-eyed Lisa.)

And we were delighted when Aaron McCargo, Jr. won!

So, of course...we had to try out one of his recipes.

We did Justin's Chicken Tenders Salad
(without the salad, just the chicken because I didn't have all the goodies for the salad)

We really enjoyed them.
Although, we used Trader Joe's spicy stone ground chips...and we would probably go with Doritos like he suggested next time for more flavor.

I noticed that our blog friends Cody and Anna tried it out as well.
But theirs looked WAY better.


  1. mmmmm, they look good! See ya tomorrow :)

  2. Yum!! They look really really good :)

  3. They look really good!

    I thought Aaron's food always looked the best but Lisa and the other guy(can't even remember his name!) had the best camera presence.

    Aaron's mouth always sounded like it was full of marbles when he was trying to speak.

    I knew he was going to win at the end of the second to last show. He really did poorly on that show and should have been eliminated but they decided to let all three of them go through to the finals.

    I knew at that moment that they wanted Aaron to win and sure enough!

  4. Looks so yummy!

    I talked about your blog today in my post! I like the music that goes with your blog. :)