Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve-O

Happy Birthday!

mart and sensible. You are so rational sometimes it makes me want to puke. Thank you for being my stable rock and for allowing me to make you crazy with my "irrational-ness."

T: icklish. Little known fact about Steve; he is suuuuper ticklish on his neck under his ears. You better not know that about him...because that's MY thing. I enjoy making him giggle when he's trying to be really intimate. You get my drift. :)

E: xcellent sportsmanship. I adore watching you encourage the other team. Your friendliness and willingness to show support speak volumes about your character. (It also helps that you win a lot...that must make it easier to show the other team a little support.)

V: igor for all things sports related. You MUST know this if you know Steve at ALL. He eats, sleeps, drinks, breathes=sports. Not my favorite quality, but soo much of who he is, so I love it anyways.

E: nough Energy. Steve has a full schedule. From a full work day, to studying endlessly for tests so he can get licensed, to keeping up with a busy 3 year old, a lovable 2 mo. old, and a honey-do list a mile long...he packs it in. We are grateful.

O: h, have I mentioned how much I love him? M'kay. Cuz I shhhhhuuuuuurrrrrreeeee do!

Happy birthday honey! Here's to many many many more. YMHD.

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