Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What do you do with an UGLY carrot?

You make Carrot Cake with FABULOUS homemade cream cheese frosting.

I picked way too many carrots in the garden tonight, and just bought a fresh bag at Trader Joe's, so we needed to make something with carrots.

Steve found a great recipe and made 1/2 of what the recipe called for with Macy.

I loved watching them shred the carrots and cook together.

I did not like cleaning up.

I did enjoy eating.



  1. I love carrot cake. I have never made homemade cream cheese frosting, though. Hmmm. That sounds almost like a challenge to myself. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Oh, yum!! I love carrot cake! And homemade cream cheese frosting is soooo yummy :)
    I'm glad you found a way to use up those carrots :)

  3. Hey Joanie,
    So Matt and I have become daily lurkers on your blog! I feel a bit guilty not ever leaving a comment until now. Congrats on your new addition and surviving your Ikea trip. We have one here in S.D. and I try to go only on the weekdays because it's a CRAZY death wish during the weekends. So I have somewhat alterer motives with this message. I am starting a blogg and have put your link on it, I just wanted to check and make sure that was ok with you. It's mainly for promoting my art but I will have other types of posts on occasion. Let me know if you want me to remove it. It just verified tonight.
    Thanks, Jenn
    Blogg: page33design@blogspot

  4. Carrot cake is my favorite. There's just something so delicious about it. But you know what? I've never made it at home! You bet I'm going to remedy that this weekend. I have banana bread to make, and might as well add some carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting of course!) to the mix.

  5. Creme chese- yum!
    Carrot cake-double yum!