Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Her Royal Highness....

Remember when I posted that we were having a Princess Party?

We prepared for 2 days.
We made decorations.
(Really, it was so much fun.)
My friend Sam helped me decorate while the hubby took Macy to Playhouse Disney.

We woke up the next morning.
Excitement was in the air.

I made lunch fit for a princess.

The girls played.
They crafted.

Macy's sweet smile went from bliss to pissed.
Suddenly she declared, "I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PRINCESS ANYMORE!"
(sweet Jesus, could this really be the answer to my prayers?)
She stomped her foot.
And pitched a ROYAL fit.
Can anyone say, MORTIFIED?
After a stern little talk and a few more times for discipline, we decided the princess party was officially over.
But not before we snapped a few shots of the princesses who were READY for a NAP.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clearly I cannot spell.

While I may understand grammar, I was left empty handed when it came to the spelling "gene."

Monday, September 15, 2008

In honor of you Dad...

Today is my DAD'S birthday

so instead of gettin' all sentimental

I thought I'd share a funny with you

my dad is the KING of jokes.

So here's a joke in honor of my dad.

A small boy is sent to bed by his father...

[Five minutes later]



"I'm thirsty. Can you bring me a drink of water?"

"No. You had your chance. Lights out."

[Five minutes later]



"I'm THIRSTY...Can I have a drink of water??"

"I told you NO! If you ask again I'll have to spank you!!"

[Five minutes later]



"When you come in to spank me, can you bring me a drink of water?

Happy birthday dad.
I know I roll my eyes a lot when you are being "funny."
But, I secretly love that about you.

I sure love you...silly.
Hope your day is a gas.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's the teacher in me...

hOLy bATmAn!

...I WON!
The ever fabulous McMommy hosted yet another fabu giveaway titled "Grateful Mom Giveaway."
She asked for funny posts, not sappy.
That was really hard for me given the week I've had.
I sat at the computer composing my thoughts, TRYING really hard to be funny.
Everything I wrote was just lame.
But then, it hit me.
So I posted this:

(sung to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)
I'm grateful for no more cankles,
No more cankles,
No more cankles,
Praise the Lord the swelling went down
It's gross to have sausage toes.

McMommy used a random number generator, and my number was picked.
I secretly fantasize that she did the random number generator until my number appeared. ;) Whatever the method, I am truly grateful to have won!
I'm gonna be sportin' my grateful mom digs from ProMom Couture at preschool...y'all better watch out!

Stop on over at her blog and read the hilarious submissions she received.
They were great!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Night of Awana

This has been a few months of FIRSTS for us.
Tonight was Macy's first night of Awana.
She is officially a CUBBY.
I was so proud to see her out there watching intently.
Her memory verse is "...God...loved us, and sent His Son...(1 John 4:10)"
The presentation of the flags.

Apparently eating her hands makes her comfortable in a group situation.

...And making faces during snack time eases the nerves...

She now knows how to "write" her own name.
Lovin' it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

I sat down to write this post about my mother. I have been staring at the computer keyboard for about 5 minutes now. There is so much I want to write about my mother, but I don't even know where to start.

However, I found a few pictures that I thought might allow me to express to blogworld the way I feel about my mom.

I think my mom is beautiful.
Not the supermodel type of beautiful.
The type of beautiful that draws people to her because she is the "pure" kind of beautiful.
People can see her heart before they see her face I believe.
She's the kind of beautiful that people want to be.
Then, once they see her blue eyes and sincere smile, they have already been won over, because not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is golden on the inside.
I love that my mom is comfortable with who she is.
She is confident.
She doesn't have to prove anything to anybody.
She loves to be silly...which I'm sure I rolled my eyes at as a teen, but now,
I think even her silliness is beautiful.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman I know, headband and all!

The following picture is one of my most favorite pictures of all.
I'm going to try to put into words what I feel when I see this picture, because to me, it speaks so directly to my mother's character.
It even gets me a little choked up.

Here it goes:
My mom is THERE.
You need her, she's THERE.
While it's not always easy for her, she WANTS to be THERE.
When I look at that picture, and I see the confidence Macy has in running into the arms of her Grandma, I see the trust, the love, and the desire for her closeness.
Grandma has made her want that closeness by being THERE.
I want her closeness because she has always been THERE.

This last picture sums it up for me.
Where my mom is, I always want to be.
It's her fellowship, her laugh, her cooking, her love, her smile, her shoulder to cry on, her listening ear (even though she is practically deaf), and her character that I crave to be around.
She is amazing.
I would feel successful if I was even 1/2 the mom my mom is to me.

Happy Birthday Mama.
I love you more than "blogwords" could ever say.
Hope your day is special.

"A mother is the truest friend we have."
~Washington Irving

Little Helper

On Labor Day, Macy helped out her Opa in the yard for a bit.

They were busy pruning bushes.

It was very serious business.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I told you we were Dodger Fans

Yesterday's game was aweeeeeeeesome.

I was in awe of it's awesomness.

Did you see Manny go yard?

He did.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. (said in my best valley girl impression)

Daddy had his good luck charms sitting with him.

I had just woken Macy up for her nap and these were her groggy words when I told her the game was starting, "Mommy, I don't want the Diamondbacks to win."

Daddy couldn't have been prouder.

Just a hair over $50

I feel so successful.

I did it.

A room makeover for a hair over $50.

When I was pregnant and feeling "oh so nesty".... I stumbled upon a 50% off sale at Hancock Fabrics.

I found remnant pieces that were already reduced, and they were an extra 50% off from that. I literally got some for under $5.00.

My total for all the yardage was $39.12.

I purchased 4 new curtain rods $6.00 for all at Walmart.

I gutted our old pillows since I knew I didn't like them anymore, and reused the filling.

I purchased 4 more bags of pillow stuffing for $7.00.

My in-laws were so generous and got my sewing machine serviced for me...and I was ready to start the makeover.

I couldn't be happier with the "new" look.
Just enough to make me feel like it's a new room.

*I had also purchased fabric to make 3 new pillows for our bedroom, and a curtain for Zachary's that's included in my fabric price. So I guess I really did a room for less than $50~


Thursday, September 4, 2008

My drink of choice...

Yes my friends.
This is orange juice.
I have a gallon jug sitting in the fridge.
Why you ask?
Well. I'm sick.
Yup. Sick.
How are the kids you wonder?
Sick too.
The hubby?
Can you believe it? Well.
So you know what that means...maybe he'll do a little extra laundry for me right?
Probably not.
This just means extra time to read on the computer
about who he might want to trade
or pick up for one of his 3 yes, THREE fantasy football leagues.
Or, he might surprise me...but I won't hold my breath.
So forgive me for not posting lately.
I've been a little busy wiping noses.
Suctioning noses.
Administering meds.
AND trying to keep my own nose dry.

I know how you can help.
Send me a comment today...
All you lurkers out there.
Send me some bloggy love.
This is my pitiful plea.