Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Night of Awana

This has been a few months of FIRSTS for us.
Tonight was Macy's first night of Awana.
She is officially a CUBBY.
I was so proud to see her out there watching intently.
Her memory verse is "...God...loved us, and sent His Son...(1 John 4:10)"
The presentation of the flags.

Apparently eating her hands makes her comfortable in a group situation.

...And making faces during snack time eases the nerves...

She now knows how to "write" her own name.
Lovin' it!


  1. What a great thing to see her devotion to God like that. And what a cute Cubby she makes!

  2. I was in Awana when we lived in Wisconsin (for a year when I was eight). I was a Sparky. GREAT memories. I don't think Awana is big on the west coast, or I'd have my daughter in it for sure.

    Very cute pictures!