Friday, September 26, 2008

Her Royal Highness....

Remember when I posted that we were having a Princess Party?

We prepared for 2 days.
We made decorations.
(Really, it was so much fun.)
My friend Sam helped me decorate while the hubby took Macy to Playhouse Disney.

We woke up the next morning.
Excitement was in the air.

I made lunch fit for a princess.

The girls played.
They crafted.

Macy's sweet smile went from bliss to pissed.
Suddenly she declared, "I DO NOT WANT TO BE A PRINCESS ANYMORE!"
(sweet Jesus, could this really be the answer to my prayers?)
She stomped her foot.
And pitched a ROYAL fit.
Can anyone say, MORTIFIED?
After a stern little talk and a few more times for discipline, we decided the princess party was officially over.
But not before we snapped a few shots of the princesses who were READY for a NAP.


  1. Seriously friend, can I hire you to do MY birthday party??

    That looks fabulous!!

    Do you think that we are all too old to do a princess party theme? Maybe a diva theme?? 34 probably is too old...

    Great job Joni!

  2. Yum. I just wanted to jump over to the party and eat some of that delicious looking food...

    And the pictures? Loved them! They all looked adorable in their dresses :)

  3. That looked like a ton of fun..well, except for the foot stomping and the nap needing.

    The food looked perfect.

  4. Oh no! Leave it to the kiddos to throw you for a loop, lol. And such an amazing party you put together!

  5. Aww I'm sure the princess party was fun while it lasted! The food looks delicious! And the pictures are absolutely adorable!!

  6. It was fun, despite the meltdowns!! Thanks again for all your hard work, the girls and I appreciated it! :) The next party is a mommy ONLY party and our punch will have more than sherbert and 7 up! And the only meltdowns will be when we get in a hot tub! :) Hmmm, can i come over TONIGHT! :) (oh yeah, but i think the menu should remain the same! It was all SOOOOO yummy!) Thanks again :)

  7. girl! That is one amazing party! And I love them all in their dresses! Super cute :)

    Except of course, for the foot stomping and fits of course...

  8. that is too funny! I love their pouty little faces in those pictures. I am sure all of the hard work was worth it!

  9. that is too funny! I love their pouty little faces in those pictures. I am sure all of the hard work was worth it!

  10. how cute is this?!
    so girlie. love it.