Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a hair over $50

I feel so successful.

I did it.

A room makeover for a hair over $50.

When I was pregnant and feeling "oh so nesty".... I stumbled upon a 50% off sale at Hancock Fabrics.

I found remnant pieces that were already reduced, and they were an extra 50% off from that. I literally got some for under $5.00.

My total for all the yardage was $39.12.

I purchased 4 new curtain rods $6.00 for all at Walmart.

I gutted our old pillows since I knew I didn't like them anymore, and reused the filling.

I purchased 4 more bags of pillow stuffing for $7.00.

My in-laws were so generous and got my sewing machine serviced for me...and I was ready to start the makeover.

I couldn't be happier with the "new" look.
Just enough to make me feel like it's a new room.

*I had also purchased fabric to make 3 new pillows for our bedroom, and a curtain for Zachary's that's included in my fabric price. So I guess I really did a room for less than $50~



  1. Your pillows and curtains are beautiful!!

    Now if you wouldn't mind teaching the rest of us to sew. My, how I wish I would have paid more attention in home ec some days......

  2. you're amazing!! and if anyone askes, just say "i'm amazing." 'cause you are! i didn't think you ever liked the pillows that came with your couch.... i could be wrong. it's happened before. WOW. I'm super impressed! Now that you're sewing, wanna alter a dress for me? hehehehe

  3. You rock! I LOVE it! We should have a sewing's my favorite thing to do right now, that an embroidery!