Thursday, September 4, 2008

My drink of choice...

Yes my friends.
This is orange juice.
I have a gallon jug sitting in the fridge.
Why you ask?
Well. I'm sick.
Yup. Sick.
How are the kids you wonder?
Sick too.
The hubby?
Can you believe it? Well.
So you know what that means...maybe he'll do a little extra laundry for me right?
Probably not.
This just means extra time to read on the computer
about who he might want to trade
or pick up for one of his 3 yes, THREE fantasy football leagues.
Or, he might surprise me...but I won't hold my breath.
So forgive me for not posting lately.
I've been a little busy wiping noses.
Suctioning noses.
Administering meds.
AND trying to keep my own nose dry.

I know how you can help.
Send me a comment today...
All you lurkers out there.
Send me some bloggy love.
This is my pitiful plea.


  1. ooooohhh nooooo!! sick??? that's awful! AND i can't believe Steve is doing THREE fantasy leagues. wow! i think you need a vacation. :-) how does Pasadena sound? haahahah. miss you, J. Hope you and the kiddos get well and SOON!

  2. I feel your pain, Joni! Sarah's always managing her fantasy team while I'm sick and doing the laundry. Okay, not really, but I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh, hon, I hope you get well SOON! Sick=no fun :(

  4. I thought you were headed down that road when your mom picked Macy up from school on Wed. I sure hope you get better soon! I'll have to pass along our medicine chart i made one time when we were all sick! I couldn't remember who had gotten what and when!! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!! :)

  5. Yuck. I am sick too. No fun! How is it that men seem to be immune from our sickness? Nose suctioning never works for me, and it makes baby scream bloody murder. I think I'm going to give it up.

  6. Oh no! Joni that is so awful!

    I hate suctioning noses. It is the worst for parents and kids. Hang in there, tell the hubby to order in, and sit in your pj's for as long as possible.

    Sending many many well wishes your way!! Bring on the vitamin C!

    By the way, do you go by Joni or Joni Lane. I am always unsure what I should call you?? Sorry to bother you with that while you are sick. :)

  7. I hope you get well soon! VERY soon. Because when a mom/wife is sick, nothing gets done. In fact, it gets worse. You wake up one morning ready to finally take on the world again, but first you have to take on your house. So sorry! But maybe your husband will surprise you with the laundry and MORE. Well, a girl can hope.

    Keep downing that vitamin C.

  8. I can sympathize...2 barfers and the grosses diaper I've had to deal with as a fun! Dry noses are around the corner and you can be germ-free for a week, only to get another cold in 2...the lovely life of small children! : )))