Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leave it to Macy decide if we are having more children or not.  

She just now announced herself in the room by declaring, 
"Mommy. I don't want anymore brothers or sisters.  It's just too difficult."

Me: "Is your brother being difficult?"

Macy: "No mommy, it's just if you had another brother or sister, Zach would look next to him and say, 'Hey, who are you?'"

Me: "Oh, so you think you like our family just the way it is?"

Macy: "Yup. Just the way it is."

{Well Steve, you heard it.  I guess you better start setting up some appointments.}


  1. Hahaha! She is so diplomatic about it :)

  2. I love it. That is so cute. That's one way to decide...I wish someone would decide for us! :)

  3. At least your done! I keep hearing DEMANDS for a little Brother...which i could work's the DEMANDS for an OLDER brother i'm having a hard time with! :)

  4. Too funny. At least now you don't have to ponder over the decision. Mine keep begging for a new baby or a puppy.

    I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

  5. How cute!

    My daughter is an only, and she's BEGGING for a little brother or sister (she has no idea how her life would change, lol). We're currently trying to oblige her.

  6. That is precious! Little one says it like she means it- and I love her reasoning!