Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, the possibilities...

you see, it's my brother's birthday today.

My little brother.
My only brother.

The brother that came along when I was 7.
The brother who is now 22.

There are soooo many ways I could go about this post of course.
I could post all the things I've tucked away for black mail.
I could probably even engage him in a little sibling rivalry a la internet.
What I thought would really be fun is to create a profile for him on eHarmony.
But even I'm not that mean.

After all, it is his birthday.
And, I really do love him.

Even though he stuck a pencil in my back when he was 3.
Even though he swears I told on him for shooting me with a Nerf arrow after I told him I wouldn't.
Even though I had to watch mind-numbing hours worth of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Even though he wore horrendous sweat pants EVERY day to school until the 4th grade.
Even though he can tan and all I can do is burn.
Even though you laughed at me when I thought it was cool to say, "weak sauce."
Even though he took away my "only child status."

Actually, I love him the most for that.
He took away my "only child status" and for that, I will always be grateful.

He made me a sister.
He showed me what it means to be a sibling.
He loves me in a way, that only brothers do.
He argues, baits, defends, and "gets my goat."
He knows exactly what button is where, and he knows he knows it better than anyone else.
He also loves, defends, and has chivalry that I admire.
He massages away aches and pains.
And he cooks a mean sausage pasta.

Max, happy birthday bro.
I love you like crazy.
Even though you're weak sauce. ;)


  1. Happy Birthday to your little brother!

    What a cute post! Sounds like he is pretty lucky to have such a fabulous sister if you ask me! :)

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday to your brother - who made you a sister :)

    I love the old family photo of you!

  3. do you REALLY like him THAT much?! :P Super cute and very sweet, Happy Birthday Max(You really make me want a big sister!!)

  4. happy bday little brother :)

    there is nothing like the love of a big sis and her little bro!

  5. Nothing like that little brother bigsister kinda love.
    What a sweet post!
    Happy Birthday Max!

  6. So I still remember the little Max in these pics... I can't believe he's 22.