Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Princess

Macy's Great Auntie Karen sent some amazing new dress up clothes.
She was ECSTATIC to say the least.

Thanks auntie.
You know, at your next visit, you're dressing up with her. ;)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dell, you suck.

A lot of people have asked me if some of the people that comment on my blog are really my friends.
My answer is yes.
I may have never met some of them face to face, but yes, they are my friends.
One of my friends is having a Dell nightmare right now.
Head on over to her blog
and read about the crap Dell Computers has put her through.
It. Is. Wrong.
And, if you feel so inclined, pass the word along about Dell's customer service.
I hope something gets resolved for you Kristen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Turkey Day!
Thought I'd share what's for dessert (after breakfast) at Lloyd Mountain for Thanksgiving.
Got the turkey idea from Kelly at Writing the Waves of Motherhood here.

Here are the little gobblers.

Some fun with icing.
It was late, I was tired.
This was the result:

And my personal favorite...

The chocolate flower turd.

Happy Thanksgiving.
What are you thankful for?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pie in the Sky

Our church held its annual pie auction.

Macy's pies yielded some serious cash and we were super excited!

Stuck in the Mud Pie= $20.00

Apple Caramel Angel Wings Pie= $32.50

Cherry Cordial How do you Do?= $42.50

Grand Total: $95.00 for ACC's youth Mexico Trip!


We walked away with two of our own.
Peanut Butter Pie & Auberry Chocolate Silk (we ate a few bites during the auction!)

They are priceless! (30 was our auction #, not the price)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bakers in Training


Macy and her friend Taryn had a playdate today to make pies for our church's pie auction on Sunday.
They were too funny.
Hopefully their pies score some serious cash-o-la for the fundraiser.

macy, the camera thief

lookie lookie what i found when i uploaded pictures to my computer. looks like someone had fun.

Fellowship of the Pink

I have no pictures of this exciting event.
I hosted my very first

:Girls Night Out:

It was amazing to have such good friends over for some good food, fellowship, and soy candle presentation.

The night started with Pomegranate Cosmopolitans, and Raspberry Sundress (Raspberry Sorbet and 7-up) Stuffed Shell Pasta, Salad, and Toasted Brie Baguettes.

We laughed...and laughed, and sniffed candle smells while Jake concocted some soy candle goodness.

My house smelled like Pier One.


I promise to take pictures next time.


The fairy who "tinkers."
Not "tinkles"..."tinkers."
Seriously people.

First...Macy dressed as "Tink" for Halloween.

Then, we had a "Tink" party to debut the new movie with a few friends.

Fun, fun, fun.

Happy Harvest

Sorry.....been a little busy these days. I'm going to try and recap whats been going on the last month or so in a few posts.

Starting with this one.
This year we worked on drying apples from the apple farmMacy's preschool visited the Meadow Lakes Apple Farm.

They picked their own apples.

Put her to work.

canning pears from my grandma's tree. Yummy.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Forever and Ever...

The setting: Driving home in the car after dance class.

Number of yawns: 3 (including one from Zach.)

Topic of Conversation: Random

The dialogue:

Macy: Hey, Mom. (very typical starter for us these days.)

Me: Yeeeeeeeesssss? (very typical response from me these days too)

Macy: (Big sigh.)

Me: (Internal big she going anywhere with this?)

Macy: I love you.

Me: (heart melting)
I love you too.
(another big sigh, wishing and praying that this part of our relationship will stay, forever and ever.)