Saturday, December 27, 2008

...aNd tO aLL a gOOdniGhT!

Christmas 2008:

...lovies...and a gingerbread house...

Macy's first preschool performance: Rockin' 50's theme
*Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree*Jingle Bells*Blue Christmas*

Loyal FansLAW FEST ... without the W :(
Yummy Tahoe Joe's!Gotta love text messaging when you are sitting right next to each other.

Macy's favorite present (from G.G.)
I love that she is Snow White, and she is primping Aurora.
Doesn't daddy looked thrilled to be putting this together at 11:00 on Christmas Eve?

Sweet baby Zachary's first Christmas.
Our best present of 2008.

Here's wishing you a Happy and Healthy


  1. Oh my goodness, can Zach really be that big already?!?! WOW! And you my dear are so cute in all of your pictures!!

    Can I please come along next time it is martini night? I am so a martini girl! :)

    And Merry Christmas!! Looks like it was a wonderful time for all! Well except the hubby putting together the "princess station". hee, hee

  2. Great pictures! we're one good lookin' family. i'm still waiting for the one "blog/story" -winkwink-
    love you!

  3. is that a finkle tooter in your hair? :) I love the pics, it makes me want to blog....sort of, but i think i will update....

  4. Merry Christmas!! I'm glad you and yours had a wonderful holiday!

    Happy New Year!