Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Day by the Bay

Two weeks ago, I (yes, this is Steve blogging so we'll get that out of the way right now) received a call from the 49ers marketing department calling to see if I'd like to participate in their "Halftime Blitz" show during halftime of the 49ers/Jets game on December 7th. After verifying that it wasn't a prank call, I was pumped to learn that not only would I get to be part of the halftime show, but that I'd get:

a) To invite two friends to be part of my team
b) A free parking pass
c) 3 tickets to the 49ers alumni tailgate party - unlimited food and drinks!
d) 3 tickets to the game itself
e) A chance to win $100 49ers gift card each and a bag full of 49ers swag

Much props to Ben who sent me the link to sign up for the chance to be part of this competition, and the third member of our team was lifelong friend Max Wyatt. Our task was simple...I started with the ball at the 20 and punted to Max, who then took the ball and threw it down the field to Ben, who had to kick it through the uprights before the other team (who was trying to do the same thing) completed the task.

Ben's brother brought along a video camera to record the event - link will be posted here once I get a copy of it! Among the highlights of our day:

1) Pregame feast where 49ers owner John York came over to our table to thank us for coming out and supporting the team.
2) Going down on the field with 2 minutes left in the 1st half and standing mere yards away from the Jets players.
3) Getting our names announced to the crowd and getting some love on the jumbotron!
4) Winning the competition and all the glory the comes along with winning (not to mention the $100 gift card and some great free gear)!
5) Watching the 49ers dominate the Jets from start to finish, winning 24-14.

Yeah, it was a good day!

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