Friday, January 30, 2009

...apron strings...

Why am I busy making aprons you might ask?
Where in the blog-world have I been the last month or so you may be wondering?

The Lloyd's are about to embark on a new journey.
The story starts a little something like this...

March 2002: We move to Auberry where I start teaching and Steve commutes back and forth to Fresno to work at Allstate.
We begin shooting around the idea of what kind of job Steve could have if he worked closer to home.

March 2004: Steve accepts a position with MortgageDocs, we begin trying for a family.

July 2005: Macy is born, Joni resigns from teaching.

June 2008: Steve is laid off from MortgageDocs (due to housing market fall).
We begin praying that the Lord would show to us where He wants us.
We pray for work closer to home.
Steve then accepts a position with Strongtower Financial, in Fresno.
Zachary is born.

January 2009: Steve is given the opportunity to work for Strongtower from home in Auberry and not commute to Fresno everyday.
In addition, we decide to take over the family coffeehouse beginning Februrary 1.
Daddy Joe's Java Time is now Bubba-Lu's Java Time.

So if you're wondering where I've been...
I've been filling out paperwork.
Re-doing menus.
Re-training my brain on how to make a great cappuccino with awesome head.
Sneaking extra kisses from my hubby and kiddos.
Praising God for this new opportunity.
and...making aprons.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, BOZO!

On January 5, 1959, Bozo returned to television beginning with a live 30-minute weeknight show on KTLA-Channel 5 in Los Angeles.

In honor of Bozo's t.v. birthday, we celebrated today in true BOZO form.
we dressed up as clowns and preformed for daddy just as he walked through the door.
oh yeah, you know it.
we were totally decked out.
aw. don't be jealous now.
We finished off the night with our BOZO inspired dinner.
Bow tie pasta (for his clown costume)
with grape tomatoes (for his clown nose)
broccoli for his awesome fro'
and Caesar salad because i just like it.
i have no BOZO connection for you on this one.

did you find some way to celebrate today?
share your stories.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

National Drinking Straw Day

You read correctly.
Today is National Drinking Straw Day.

In honor of this "momentous" occasion (enter sarcasm here)...
We made smoothies.

Did you celebrate today?
It has spurred in me a curiosity to discover
what other random holidays we can
celebrate here on Lloyd Mountain.

Here's to celebrating everyday.
No matter what the occasion.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Really? Are you kidding??

Heaven help me I just want to have a healthy family.

I know that things could be a lot worse.
I've been reading her story...and I could be a lot worse!

Christmas Eve.
Both my kids are barking like seals.
We have been battling the snot, but come on...marine life now??
We did the "home remedies"...
steam shower, cool mist humidifier, saline nose drops,
the "sucker"
(which by the way is a must have in every has revolutionized snot in our house)

Santa came and went.
The snot and cough still stayed.

Fast forward to New Year's Eve.
I'm sick (literally and figuratively) of being sick.
I call the Dr's office, again.
We now have an appointment.

Macy is "fine."
It will works it's way out.
When I wonder.

Zach has to take "albuterol" every 4 hours as needed.

We decided that New Year's Eve can go on as planned.
The Wii.
Catch Phrase.
Who invited you?
Fever, you were not invited.

We (read as I) were up all night so our little man could breathe.
3:30 a.m.
I decide it's high time to call to the Dr's office yet again.
Nest, we set the alarm for 6am because they won't book urgent care until then.
Are you kidding me?
What purpose does that serve?
I digress.

8:40 a.m. appointment today.
Ear infection in both ears.
I will now insist from here on and forever more that my children's ears are ALWAYS checked.

Zach's pink little cheeks are still as darling as ever.
He is the happiest little sick baby I have ever known.
Here's praying that the albuterol and ammox. work wonders.

All this mama wants for 2009 is a healthy, happy family.
Happy New Year, I think.

*edited to add: The first dr. we saw was not our normal dr. however, the dr. on call at the urget care center today was our normal dr. who caught the ear infection and did a thorough exam. for her, we are very grateful.