Friday, January 30, 2009

...apron strings...

Why am I busy making aprons you might ask?
Where in the blog-world have I been the last month or so you may be wondering?

The Lloyd's are about to embark on a new journey.
The story starts a little something like this...

March 2002: We move to Auberry where I start teaching and Steve commutes back and forth to Fresno to work at Allstate.
We begin shooting around the idea of what kind of job Steve could have if he worked closer to home.

March 2004: Steve accepts a position with MortgageDocs, we begin trying for a family.

July 2005: Macy is born, Joni resigns from teaching.

June 2008: Steve is laid off from MortgageDocs (due to housing market fall).
We begin praying that the Lord would show to us where He wants us.
We pray for work closer to home.
Steve then accepts a position with Strongtower Financial, in Fresno.
Zachary is born.

January 2009: Steve is given the opportunity to work for Strongtower from home in Auberry and not commute to Fresno everyday.
In addition, we decide to take over the family coffeehouse beginning Februrary 1.
Daddy Joe's Java Time is now Bubba-Lu's Java Time.

So if you're wondering where I've been...
I've been filling out paperwork.
Re-doing menus.
Re-training my brain on how to make a great cappuccino with awesome head.
Sneaking extra kisses from my hubby and kiddos.
Praising God for this new opportunity.
and...making aprons.


  1. how exciting! we'll have to pick your brain on coffee stuff! our goal is to open a coffee shop as a ministry someday!

  2. Wow Joni that is so exciting.

    Sounds like everything has worked out perfectly for you guys!!!

  3. No way! How wonderful! Isn't it wonderful how God works!

    May He continue to bless where He's placed your time I'm visiting the 'rents I'll stop by Bubba-Lu's! : ) Congrats on this new journey!

  4. Aaaa!! NO WAY!! That is SO exciting joni!! I'll be thinking and praying for you guys as you embark on this AWESOME journey, i NEED to come up there and give your mama a hug, its been wayyyy too long & i think of her all the time. Tell her I said hi & give her a kiss for me wouldja? :D
    Macy is too cute in her new apron, i love it. And Bubba Lu's is an adorable name! Woo!!

  5. we are so excited for you :-D cannot wait to come visit you up at... Bubba-Lu's (love the name, btw.) AHHHHHH!! sending love and prayers your way.

  6. What a fun new adventure for your family! That really sounds like something I'd love to!

  7. God is amazing. Glad your prayers were answered. You've got some amazing things going on.

    And, those aprons are adorable!

  8. Love the aprons!!! We will definitely be visiting in the next couple of days!!! Miss you guys, see you at the library on Wednesday.

  9. What a way to have a walk of faith! I can't wait to visit you at Bubba-Lu's! I'm excited to see it with your extra special Joni touch!
    Smiles and hugs your way!

  10. Wow! That's amazing - how exciting for you guys! Congratulations!