Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, BOZO!

On January 5, 1959, Bozo returned to television beginning with a live 30-minute weeknight show on KTLA-Channel 5 in Los Angeles.

In honor of Bozo's t.v. birthday, we celebrated today in true BOZO form.
we dressed up as clowns and preformed for daddy just as he walked through the door.
oh yeah, you know it.
we were totally decked out.
aw. don't be jealous now.
We finished off the night with our BOZO inspired dinner.
Bow tie pasta (for his clown costume)
with grape tomatoes (for his clown nose)
broccoli for his awesome fro'
and Caesar salad because i just like it.
i have no BOZO connection for you on this one.

did you find some way to celebrate today?
share your stories.


  1. Your BOZO dinner looks better than my non-BOZO dinner! And i loved the make up and hair :) You are just the coolest mom EVER!!

  2. you are ADORABLE!! an uber stay at home mom!! how lucky your kiddos are! :D the pictures made me smile, i love them!

  3. Oh my goodness. You are too too cute! Steve must love life with you...a new adventure every day! :)

  4. I just love that you find any reason to rock it out!!

    Those pics made me smile too, as I am sure your lucky hubby did!!

    Are you google-ing this stuff??

    To many more awesome reasons to party!!

  5. Why does Macy look like a princess even when she is a clown? Oh yeah, I remember those clown princess'...