Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

* make sure you watch the whole video...macy puts on quite a performance *

Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Facial

times are tough people!
who can afford the going rate of a spa facial?
you can't beat a free facial from one
of the cutest kiddos i know?!
plus it provided at least 30 minutes of girly giggles
and bonding.
tres sheik.

Happy Valentine's Day!

...we were open at Bubba-Lu's Java Time on Valentine's Day, so after cleaning and mopping like a crazy person, we rushed home to get all gussied up. We had a yummy dinner at our local casino (Mono Wind Casino). I had Alaskan Crab Legs, Steve had Steak and Lobster, Macy had Chicken Strips, and Zach had pureed peas. Yum. We dined with my mom and dad, grandma, and brother. What a wonderful way to spend the evening.

Snow day...and a bath...

it snowed beautifully...
and then it snowed ugly...
and now it's just mucky.
i hear we're in for some more tonight.
i wonder if it will be pretty or ugly.
guess it all depends on what i have to do tomorrow.

in an effort to be more "green" friendly
we have decided to combine baths, at least for now.
macy and zach both love the bath.
so i thought, why not?
they love it even more now that they are bath buddies.
i love that i don't have to run two baths.
plus it saves water.
go me! on the whole "green" effort!

Macy's Valentine Party if we needed yet another reason to ingest sugar...
Happy Valentine's Day!