Wednesday, April 29, 2009


...conversations during playdough time...

Macy} "mama, i have a candy shop. we sell all sorts of sweets there. here, have a cookie i made. it's for my oma & opa's wedding since i never got to give them a gift."

Mama} "it looks delicious! what flavor is it?"

Macy} "it's fun-fetti. my daughter works there with me. her name is clarbeena. her daddy named her that because he thought it was fancy."

Mama} "did you get to give her a middle name?"

Macy} "nope, i gave her a nickname instead. it's jose`."

true story, i kid you not.


  1. Adorable! My daughter's been big on the weird name thing, too. And nicknames! Though she hasn't ventured into cross gender naming yet. I think it would be AWESOME if she named one of her dolls or imaginary girl friends Jose, lol.

  2. seriously that is one of the funniest "kid convos" I've ever heard! She is not lacking for imagination that's for sure!!!

  3. Too cute. Clarbeena Jose? Love it.