Saturday, June 6, 2009

{out of the mouths}

Macy could truly be on that Bill Cosby show, "Kids Say the Darndest Things"

Case in point:

My dear friend Stephanie is engaged to be married.
She called today and personally asked Macy if she would be her flower girl in October.
Without hesitation, Macy said, "No thank you."

I busted a gut.

My busting a gut caused her to retreat to hiding behind the couch.

After finally coaxing her out, I explained that being a flower girl was a very important job, like in the book
"Junie B. Jones: Is Almost a Flower Girl"
(a book character she totally identifies with and enjoys reading)

Her next question, "Will there be a ring BEAR?"
Stephanie's answer, "Of course."

Macy takes off in a sprint to her bedroom exclaiming, "I must find my prettiest dress!"
Moments later she returns to the living room visibly upset and stuttering,
"Mom, Mom....mooooommmmm in Octover, um OctoBer...I'll be FOUR!"
"Yes, you will be...won't that be exciting?!" I encouraged.
"But Moooommmmm, when I'm FOUR none of my pretty dresses will fit any more!" Macy lamented.

I then explained how the bride likes to pick what she wears, and it will be a pretty new dress that she will get to keep and play with after the wedding.

Pure ecstatic joy. You would have thought I gave her a JOLT drink or something with way too much caffeine and/or sugar.

Guess what we'll be talking about non-stop for the next 4 months?

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  1. I am glad that you wrote "we'll" be drinking the Jolt - for I think in your life, Dear Joni, you'll both need it - Loves, Sarey