Monday, August 31, 2009

::the teacher in me::

:: how to turn a simple redecorating/painting project into a letter/sound lesson ::

Macy was wanting to paint words, and was asking how come we don't hear the some of the sounds at the ends of words. {so smart} so I decided it was time that she learned about "magic e" and how he jumps over consonant letters, sprinkles magic dust on his vowel friends so that they are allowed to say their own names. We found the consonant first sitting by the "e" and watched him JUMP over the consonant letter to rescue his vowel friend. She thought this was the coolest painting project that we had ever done. You can take the teacher away from the classroom, but you can never take the classroom from the teacher.

(the before pictures of the hurricane room!)


  1. just a note to tell ya i love ya and i read your blog :) I love the magic E dust....and the sleepy dust....and coming from someone who dislikes dust sooo much! :P You are a good friend and i appreciate it, especially for teaching me about the little line above the e to make it say it's that i say her name right! :P

  2. Love your explanation...I must keep that in mind for when the girls get older!

    And love your painting and redecorating job! It looks awesome!

  3. Gwyn is hardly reading, I mean it is torture to get her to sound things out. I can't believe what a smarty Macy is.
    ps I just started blogging and how do you get your page design. I only have like 5 choices. Come on girl, help me out! I want to get the hang of this since everyone is so far away. I have it locked up tight, I don't know what email is good for you. The one I used got sent back. I have to invite you in order for you to be a member.