Sunday, September 27, 2009

sUnDay sUpPeR

~okay, so i know by now you are all
sick and tired
of my "oh i want to be donna reed" and stuff.
and i know that by now you are all
gagging with
"geez j, enough of the food already, is that all you do, EAT?"

but seriously.
we had sunday supper.
{insert squeel}
and i felt all norman rockwell.
and like any second i should turn on the radio and listen to
and one of his fireside chats.

so grimace if you must.
but deep down i KNOW,
you wish you had some a 'dis

::rosemary scented pork loin with dried apricots, cranberries, & port wine gravy::

::pork, strawberry salad w/edamame, cheesy garlic bread, mashed potatoes, zuchinni, & fruit salad.
::i have no idea why::
if you are interested in the recipe, leave me a comment and i'll email it to you, it's kinda long to post. ;)


  1. yummy yummy yummy! And look at all those fruits and veggies you snuck in there! Wish I could join you for dinner more often...sigh! Hands down, you are one of the most amazing mothers and cooks I know!
    Love you!