Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

::nice day for a white wedding::

remember this post?

it's official.

macy debuted as "THE FLOWER GIRL"

she was awesome.

and she was definitely four.

thanks steph for including macy in your special day.

i love this little gal


steph's living in kansas the red shoes were so fitting.
we love the moyers!
twirly girlie

::just missing zach::
so proud of my girl.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

now THIS is life from the Hilltop

~i just did the grossest poop diaper in the history of poop diapers

~ which resulted in the need for a quick bath on his part...IF you know what I mean.

~while drawing the water for the bath, zach pointed to the toilet and his "business" so I placed him on the potty.

~zach went pee=pee in the potty, horray!

~ nice quick bath follows, ahhh....yummy baby smell.

~ I go to clean up the remains of the grossest poop diaper ever, and darling, dear zachary (did i mention DARLING) is STANDING in the toilet...


~ bath #2 in the sink.

Who's ready for a glass of wine? Her name is, Joni.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

~the shack~

i just finished reading one of the most profound books i've read in a long time.

for me,
it is one of the most thought provoking
creative looks at our
and i wasn't expecting how it would make me feel.

i anticipated that i would cry, as my friends had cautioned.
i did not.
instead, i felt a rush of adrenaline.
i experienced joy and promise.
fresh perspective.

i embraced the fresh and creative look
and i breathed deeply as i took in the experience
of this book.

i think you should experience it too.
read it and breathe.
and then let me know what you thought.