Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Turkey Day!
-so many things to be thankful for-

::families:: that laugh, support, encourage, and love.

::home:: with comfort, warmth, and hospitality

::children:: who learn, ask questions, seek truth, and show joy.

::health:: that keeps us near each other today.

::friendships:: that strengthen, test, and endure.

::FOOD:: seriously, you thought I could post something sappy, yet not include food. You must not know me by now. Ahhhh food....for comfort, for celebrating, for creating an art to give around the table. To break bread and share today's news. Food. Ah. Food.

I'm thankful. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Praise Jesus. I'm thankful.

Thought I'd leave you with Zach and his first chicken bone.
Enjoy today.

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