Friday, April 23, 2010

kindergarten registration

kinder reg

we registered macy for kindergarten today.
such a milestone.

zoo day



feeding time


zoo fun

zoo fun 2

[adventures in cooking]

i like cooking.
i like baking.
most of the time.

sometimes suzie homemaker and i are not friends.
(gasp...i know!!!)

last week was a decent food making week.
and i'm talking to you mr. alton brown when i say all was good until i tried to make marmalade.
because mr. brown, your marmalade recipe sucked.
(or it could have been my oranges, or that i was having an h-e-double-hockey-sticks-of-a-time with my oven and so-called marmalade boiling all over from here to kingdom come)
but i think i'll stick with blaming your ridiculous "no fail" recipe.

because i scored an f.
and f equals fail.

here is a recap of some of the pictures i took while cooking this week.
links to recipes included.
except for the marmalade.
mostly because i'm embarrassed i'm probably the one who screwed it up, and then you will try to make it and be was let me share some of my awesome marmalade with you since yours is so defunct.
and i'll be all embarrassed and pink cheeked over the situation.
and then i probably will sit and scowl at your marmalade all week and it might compromise our friendship and that would just be bad.
very bad. recipe on that.

Here is the first yummy.
and yes, my kids and husband ATE them.

super delish and easy
and last but not least

it would have been nice if it tasted like the pictures make it look.

onesie funsie

...lately, i've been having some fun with gift giving.
i've also been selling custom shirt designs out of our store, bubba-lu's java time for $15.

i have a small line of custom shirts i've done under the working name of
{have it all}

here are a few recent creations. leave me a comment if you are interested in something custom!!

3 and a half months...and counting...

{just to clarify....i am NOT pregnant.}
--enter snip snip noises here--

I'm celebrating that I have NOT purchased laundry soap in over 3 1/2 months.

Don't start gagging just yet.

I'm cleaning our clothes.
They are getting washed.
All is good in the hood.

I'm just making my own soap.

Remember when I put out that challenge, here?
I've been making my laundry soap since.

Are you interested in trying it?
Are you a little nervous to go get the ingredients, make it, and NOT love it?
I'm happy to give you a load's worth (if you're local) so you can try it without a big commitment.

Here are a few things I have learned when using the soap:

#1: i prefer the liquid soap to the dry soap, only because hubby uses too much of the dry per load (only 1 TBS) so i have to make it more frequently.

#2: if you use the dry, start your load on hot hot water so it dissolves the soap. after the soap is mixed, put it back on whatever setting you use. the borax can be kinda strong, and i've noticed some suspect spots.

#3: fragrance is not necessary and only adds to the cost. it smells good when it's washing, but by the time i have washed and dried the clothes, the only left-over smell is that of the dryer sheets.

#4: i prefer fels naptha to zote soap. personal preference. that's all. (i also think it cleans stains better)

#5: i think everyone should try it at least once. surprise yourself. do something good. in honor of mother earth.

Friday, April 9, 2010

::Canada/USA day seven::

3:00 am alarm clock.
Airport by 4.
Airport Security.
Flight at 6:30

Did I mention we were TIRED?

24 minute flight to Seattle.
(we rode an awesome tail wind)

1 1/2 hour flight to Fresno.
(an even better, awesomer, radical tailwind)

Home again, home again.

Many thanks to:
Mom & Dad Lloyd for the Christmas Present Airline Tickets.
Mom & Dad Taylor for covering Bubba-Lu's and all the weeding while we were gone.
Max for taking care of the chickens, dogs, house, and for getting Murphy home safe.
Bill for all the help at Bubba-Lu's and for seeing the "found dog" poster.
Joe, Heidi, & Elizabeth for opening your home and lives to us.
Joe, Heidi & Elizabeth's neighbors for not calling the cops on us for all the bouncing, jumping, running, and noise making my children made.
Vancouver police for towing that freakin' car whose alarm would not shut off the night before our flight.
Oma & Opa Krueger for treating us like royalty again and again and making this trip one to savor.
Enterprise Rent a Car for upgrading us for $30 bucks more instead of $150. That was nice of you.
Tim Horton's for your sour cream doughnut. A little peace of heaven in Canada.
And last but not least, Granville Island Public Market. *sigh* {all my love.} we shall meet again someday.

::Canada Day six:

Again with the alarm clock.
Who plans their vacation this way?
Apparently we do.

Something about not wanting to have crazy weather over the pass rings a bell.
Oh, and if I recall, something about SOMEONE wanting to marry that Granville Island place back in Vancouver couldn't get the images out of their mind...

Anyways, we were back in Vancouver by noon...
which meant we had the rest of the day to really act like tourists and see some more of the city.
But first, we had to visit *sigh* Granville Island.
Here, we had Pear & Brown Sugar Crepes, Falafal, Fish & Chips, and Macy's coveted Chocolate Covered Marshmellows.

I really wanted to see some of the 2010 Olympic sights.

the torch.
the rings

The beautiful sails at Canada Place.

And the beautiful raindrop. (all $800,00 of it)

We watched a sea plane take off much to Macy's surprise.

Later we drove through Stanley Park.
Silly lady with the camera didn't take any pictures.
What's up with that anyways.

And to top off the evening, we ate at a delightful
(yet sneaky) restaurant called Milestones.
The food was fabulous.
I say they are sneaky because the waitress asked what kind of
vegetables to go with/in the kids pasta.
So I ordered steamed carrots for both of them,
assuming it came with their meal.
(You know what they say about assuming...)
anyways....they charged us $4.99 per plate of silly little steamed carrots.
Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky.
(Shame on me for not asking I guess.)
However, we did get some amazing ice cream for dessert
(which I DID ASK IF IT WAS INCLUDED...and it was)
the kids pasta.
steve's to die for mashed-potato-portabella-mushroom-chicken-heaven-thing.
my asian salad.

Joe's 4-cheese burger.
Heidi's pasta.
The INCLUDED ice cream.
The fam.

Great ending to a wonderful trip.

::Canada Day five::

He is Risen, indeed.
What a beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection.
A day to relish in saving grace.

Today was quiet, peaceful in reflecting, and meaningful to our family.

The kids got their Easter baskets filled with some Canadian love.

They were introduced to the "Kinder-Egg."
It is basically a hollow chocolate egg with a prize in the center.
And of course...a chocolate bunny.

Later, they had a special Easter Egg hunt.

...and hid the eggs over and over and over and over again.

Oma fixed a delicious ham for dinner and some special potatoes at my request.

Staying at Oma & Opa's house is a taste of what it must feel like to be royalty.
Everyone is treated with so much respect and desire to serve.
They are an encouragement.
They display their spirit in all they do.
They ARE love.

We are blessed to have spent our time with them.
We are grateful that our children spent time with them.
Memories that are now priceless.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::Canada Day four::

It's amazing what a little sleep can do for someone.
Puts the pukey day in the past.
And all is FRESH and new.

We spent most of the day taking in downtown Kelowna.
(If you're a bachelorette fan, you will remember in Jillian's season, they did some filming right in the downtown area, so you might recognize some of these "Kelowna" staples.)

Of course, our first stop had to be the Ogopogo.
Canada's version of the Locknest Monster that lives in Lake Okanagan.

Chasing the ducks in the park.
After all the running and "wildness" mama needed her cup of joe like it was nobody's business.
We hit up "BLENZ" the Canadian Coffee Company.
I enjoyed my maple latte.
However, it doesn't hold a candle to Bubba-Lu's.
Thank. you. very. much.
Our next stop was the "Triple O's White Spot"
Pretty much your typical burger joint...except...
...they have poutine.
It's actually pretty good.
Up next on our busy day is a Canadian MUST DO.
It's called 5-pin-bowling.
It's awesome.
I might even go as far as to say, it's pretty radical.
Yes, I said it...radical.
Don't even act like you've never said that word before.

They were bumpin' the music so we had a great time dancing while throwing.
Macy can shake it.
And I mean it.
Zach was totally dancing too.
He looks a bit more like a clogger than an actual dancer.
Don't tell him that I told you so.
We gave lots of "Hi-Fives" and "Tens" for that matter.
Family bonding time at it's best.
I would also like to note, that Steve's score kicked the a double snakes
out of the scores posted on the back wall of the "5 pin bowling team".
Their averages were in the mid to high 200's.
My hubby...not only turkeyed...he must have triple turkeyed or something crazy like that because hit blew up 300.
He's also radical.

On the way home, we had to stop at Steve's favorite childhood candy store.
It's called the Bank Head Store and it's where Steve's family would stop just before returning to the states. They would take all of their leftover Canadian change, and pick out candy for the long CAR ride home to California. It was penny candy then, it's now sold by the baggie for 60 cents. My how times have changed.
Here's the winner of my favorite picture of the day.
I saw it as we were leaving the Bank Head Store.
In my words, "Amen."

After a nice long nap, we spent some time with
Oma and Opa decorating Eggs for the next day's hunt.
...and a little decorating of ourselves.