Friday, April 23, 2010

[adventures in cooking]

i like cooking.
i like baking.
most of the time.

sometimes suzie homemaker and i are not friends.
(gasp...i know!!!)

last week was a decent food making week.
and i'm talking to you mr. alton brown when i say all was good until i tried to make marmalade.
because mr. brown, your marmalade recipe sucked.
(or it could have been my oranges, or that i was having an h-e-double-hockey-sticks-of-a-time with my oven and so-called marmalade boiling all over from here to kingdom come)
but i think i'll stick with blaming your ridiculous "no fail" recipe.

because i scored an f.
and f equals fail.

here is a recap of some of the pictures i took while cooking this week.
links to recipes included.
except for the marmalade.
mostly because i'm embarrassed i'm probably the one who screwed it up, and then you will try to make it and be was let me share some of my awesome marmalade with you since yours is so defunct.
and i'll be all embarrassed and pink cheeked over the situation.
and then i probably will sit and scowl at your marmalade all week and it might compromise our friendship and that would just be bad.
very bad. recipe on that.

Here is the first yummy.
and yes, my kids and husband ATE them.

super delish and easy
and last but not least

it would have been nice if it tasted like the pictures make it look.

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