Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::Canada Day four::

It's amazing what a little sleep can do for someone.
Puts the pukey day in the past.
And all is FRESH and new.

We spent most of the day taking in downtown Kelowna.
(If you're a bachelorette fan, you will remember in Jillian's season, they did some filming right in the downtown area, so you might recognize some of these "Kelowna" staples.)

Of course, our first stop had to be the Ogopogo.
Canada's version of the Locknest Monster that lives in Lake Okanagan.

Chasing the ducks in the park.
After all the running and "wildness" mama needed her cup of joe like it was nobody's business.
We hit up "BLENZ" the Canadian Coffee Company.
I enjoyed my maple latte.
However, it doesn't hold a candle to Bubba-Lu's.
Thank. you. very. much.
Our next stop was the "Triple O's White Spot"
Pretty much your typical burger joint...except...
...they have poutine.
It's actually pretty good.
Up next on our busy day is a Canadian MUST DO.
It's called 5-pin-bowling.
It's awesome.
I might even go as far as to say, it's pretty radical.
Yes, I said it...radical.
Don't even act like you've never said that word before.

They were bumpin' the music so we had a great time dancing while throwing.
Macy can shake it.
And I mean it.
Zach was totally dancing too.
He looks a bit more like a clogger than an actual dancer.
Don't tell him that I told you so.
We gave lots of "Hi-Fives" and "Tens" for that matter.
Family bonding time at it's best.
I would also like to note, that Steve's score kicked the a double snakes
out of the scores posted on the back wall of the "5 pin bowling team".
Their averages were in the mid to high 200's.
My hubby...not only turkeyed...he must have triple turkeyed or something crazy like that because hit blew up 300.
He's also radical.

On the way home, we had to stop at Steve's favorite childhood candy store.
It's called the Bank Head Store and it's where Steve's family would stop just before returning to the states. They would take all of their leftover Canadian change, and pick out candy for the long CAR ride home to California. It was penny candy then, it's now sold by the baggie for 60 cents. My how times have changed.
Here's the winner of my favorite picture of the day.
I saw it as we were leaving the Bank Head Store.
In my words, "Amen."

After a nice long nap, we spent some time with
Oma and Opa decorating Eggs for the next day's hunt.
...and a little decorating of ourselves.

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  1. Love the vacation blog, J! Was so much fun to have you come and visit. Hopefully you'll be able to come visit again someday. :) Love you! - Heidi

    p.s. - Can I have your camera? sheesh, you're an amazing photographer!