Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::Canada Day three::

April 2, 2010

Rise and shine.
Vacation and an alarm clock?

We traveled from Vancouver to Kelowna.
An approximate 5 hour trip.
Think Fresno to LA.
Think 3 hours of the Grapvine.
'Tis called, the Coquihalla Pass.
You're with me on the UGH part now, eh?
(see some canada wore off on me...)

Steve white-knucked about an hours worth.
Pretty much told me to can the chit-chat.
I was trying to be calm....sheesh.
Afterwards, Joe, who was traveling in front of us said, "that wasn't that bad, eh?"
(insert uncomfortable laughter here)

Now, hold on to your horses, because here's the best part of today's story kids.
Before getting on the "awesome" part of the pass, we stopped at Tim Horton's so Heidi could nurse Elizabeth and we could use the restroom.
While standing in line to order some doughnuts, Zachary decides to PUKE all over me.
We have clean clothes in the car.
It's okay, a little puke really never hurt anyone, right?

Skip forward 2 hours.

We just make it out of Westbank, about 5 minutes away from Great Oma and Opa's in Kelowna.
Conversation heard from the back:

Macy: "Mama, I don't feel so good."
Mama: "We're almost there sweetie, just a few more minutes and we can stretch our legs."
Macy: "Mama, I don't feel so good."
Mama: "Blow a candle if you feel icky" (blowing usually helps keep her from puking)
Macy: "blow blow blow blow......hurl."

Projectile vomit all over the back of my seat/hair/arm/pretty much everything.
I grab the Tim Horton's doughnut box (like this is gonna help)
to try to catch the ENTIRE contents of her stomach.
Now, it's runny down my arms.
Her pants.
It's gross. Beyond gross.
I'm thinking, "Lord, really? REALLY? Why me?"

We enter the parking lot to see Steve's dear, precious, Oma & Opa
and I get to stay back in the car and clean. it. all. up.
After 2 1/2 years of seeing them last, my first question after saying hello is,
"Can I PLEASE use your washing machine?"

Luckily for us, that was the ONLY low part of the day.
The kids had a fantastic visit and loved spending some quality
time over KFC and clean clothes with their Great Oma & Opa.
{Macy sat Opa down next to her and read a book
they picked out from the downstairs library about Easter.}

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing Joni and the pictures are wonderful. How great to be able to spend time with Steve's grandparents too!