Wednesday, April 7, 2010

::Canada Day two::

April 1, 2010

Not a fan of April Fools.
Luckily, the day was not a day of fools, but of FOOD.
It's one of my favorite things about traveling.
Trying new things.

Do not ask me to eat at Red Robin when I'm traveling, because I have one at home.
And seriously, why McDonald's in Canada when I can have Tim Horton's?


Granville Island Public Market.
I love you, and I'm willing to marry you.

Ha. You think I'm fooling you?
Joke's on you then.

Take a look at this eye-candy and tell me you aren't in love.

We traveled by Ferry from the Maritime Museum to Granville Island.

Here we stopped for lunch.

Heidi packed us a delicious picnic lunch to eat by the waterside.
Macy loved feeding the pigeons.

Then, after our bellies were full (thank goodness) we took a gander inside the public market. And it's a good thing, because the food is temptingly delicious looking, and the fresh market food makes me want to cook like the Barefoot Contessa.

(okay, i only took this picture because WHAT IN THE HECK ARE THEY?)

I made Steve promise that he would take me there for dinner so I could try the Indian Food in the fun little Tiffin Lunchboxes.
(Really, I just wanted the lunchbox, but found the butter chicken to totally ROCK MY SOCKS.)

Heidi left the kids and I in charge of darling Elizabeth for a bit while she took Steve to the bank to exchange some funds so I could spend it willy-nilly on food and tiffin lunch boxes.

After returning from the bank, Heidi gave us great directions on how to get back to Granville Island since we wouldn't be taking the Ferry this time.
Leave it to us to get the directions all muffled-up and be on a time constraint because the market closes at 7, and we were pushing 6:30.
And then, this...

Seriously. Beautiful. I love rain, really.
Except I have less than 30 minutes to get to my tiffin lunchbox
and this is not helping our LOST cause.
Thankful, after about 15 u-turns (I AM NOT EXAGGERATING) we made it.

And I got my Lunchbox and a Mango lassi.
The End.


  1. I lOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Such amazing pictures too! Wowzers.

    I wanna go get that camera of yours

  2. That is sooo beautiful! I would have gone crazy in that market. I also would have HAD to have a lunchbox as well!

  3. The spiny fruit are rambutans, they are a bit like grapes on the inside. (I found your blog via party perfect)