Friday, April 9, 2010

::Canada/USA day seven::

3:00 am alarm clock.
Airport by 4.
Airport Security.
Flight at 6:30

Did I mention we were TIRED?

24 minute flight to Seattle.
(we rode an awesome tail wind)

1 1/2 hour flight to Fresno.
(an even better, awesomer, radical tailwind)

Home again, home again.

Many thanks to:
Mom & Dad Lloyd for the Christmas Present Airline Tickets.
Mom & Dad Taylor for covering Bubba-Lu's and all the weeding while we were gone.
Max for taking care of the chickens, dogs, house, and for getting Murphy home safe.
Bill for all the help at Bubba-Lu's and for seeing the "found dog" poster.
Joe, Heidi, & Elizabeth for opening your home and lives to us.
Joe, Heidi & Elizabeth's neighbors for not calling the cops on us for all the bouncing, jumping, running, and noise making my children made.
Vancouver police for towing that freakin' car whose alarm would not shut off the night before our flight.
Oma & Opa Krueger for treating us like royalty again and again and making this trip one to savor.
Enterprise Rent a Car for upgrading us for $30 bucks more instead of $150. That was nice of you.
Tim Horton's for your sour cream doughnut. A little peace of heaven in Canada.
And last but not least, Granville Island Public Market. *sigh* {all my love.} we shall meet again someday.


  1. I want to go next time!!! Sounds like a fabulous trip. :)


  2. Hahahaha...they actually towed the car? That's awesome.

  3. steve saw the police lights outside with a tow truck as we were going to bed...and then the alarm stopped. It was beautiful.

  4. I loved reading about your trip! It made me want to go. I also loved the "food" pictures. I alsways take food pictures to share with my "foodie" friends!