Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red White And Blue Pudding Pops

Get yourself ready for the hot 4th of July with these easy pudding pops!

What you'll need:
12 paper dixie cups no bigger than 5 oz

12 popsicle sticks

2 packages of vanilla instant pudding mix (the larger boxes)
food coloring

3 bowls

cookie sheet

1. Set out your cups on a flat cookie sheet.
2. Mix pudding to package directions and separate into three bowls.
3. add red and blue food coloring to two of the bowls until you have reached your desired color.
4. Drop each color into the paper cup one at a time layer red-white-blue.
5. Place a popsicle stick in the center of each filled cup.
6. Freeze. Freeze. Freeze.
7. Once the pops have hardened, peel the paper cup off very gently and ENJOY!

Monday, June 28, 2010

::date day::

macy and i went on a date together.
some much needed girly-girl time.
how to train your dragon at the $3 theatre.
good times.

{and bingo was his name-o}

i forgot how much fun it is to play bingo. i lost. a lot.

get 'cho camp on...

we went camping for father's day weekend.
we got our camp on.
macy's homemade fishing pole.

we love shaver lake!

please, if you notice nothing else about this least note the lip.



i love the freedom in this picture. doing cartwheels across the beach. 
looking at this picture fills me up for the day.

seriously, could my little man be any cuter?

 throwing rocks 101

the expert rock skipper.

...and this would be me...shot putting my rock. you know the form is awesome.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Jodi Picoult,

I think you are a fabulous writer.
You challenge me to think beyond my gut reactions.
Given my day to day routines, I'm thankful for the prodding.

Do you have books that you can't wait to share with a friend?
What are they?
I've just read Salem Falls & Nineteen Minutes.
I am currently reading Water for Elephants.
Steve recommends anything by David Baldacci
I love summer reading.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

working on the list part two

Fresno Grizzlies Triple A Baseball Team

It was on our summer fun list.
They had a "what a deal wednesday" special.
$20 for two tickets plus two ticket admission to maxx's golf, storyland, and john's incredible pizza.
talk about a deal.

we took the bait.
perfect night for some baseball.

Snagging our tickets at 'will call' - 
Macy wearing orange for one of the few times in her life.

Parker (Grizzlies mascot) getting the crowd warmed up...Zach met Parker for the
first time tonight and referred to him as 'da bear' the rest of the night.

The stadium was finished in 2002 - special memories for me as I worked for 
the Grizzlies while in college up until the time the new stadium was finished. 

Zach wore a perm-a-grin all night at his first game!

Macy getting her eat on with a Grizzlies Dog...
fine detail on the 'other end' of the dog as Zach snagged a few bites.

The minute Joni handed me the food, I told her a 
foul ball would be headed our way...sure enough, 'heads up!'

After the first foul ball, Zach keep his hands up on his head for most of the game.

Joni and Macy posing for a picture IN BETWEEN 
innings just to make sure no foul balls were heading our way.

Hey kids, we just got 2 foul balls in 3 innings. 

I'm pretty sure I asked them to pose nicely for the camera, 
but I think Zach heard, "Squeeze the life out of the ball and smash 
it against your face!" while Macy heard, "Hold that ball up and act like a statue!"

Smile for the camera Macy, I just tore a groin muscle hurdling 4 rows of chairs to get this baseball.

Dippin dots to complete the evening...Macy in the zone!

Zach getting his fill of Dippin' Dots as well. Best conversation of the night:

                       Dippin Dots Gal: Hi, how old are you?
                       Zach: Two!  
                       Dippin Dots Gal: What's your name?
                       Zach: Dodgers!
                       Dippin Dots Gal: Hector?
                       Steve: No, his name is Zach. He just loves to say Dodgers.
                       Dippin Dots Gal: Oh, good. He doesn't look like a Hector.

2nd best conversation of the night:

                      Macy: Have you ever heard the story about the goose who laid the golden egg?
                      Joni: No.
                      Macy: The Golden One (laughing hysterically)...

                  ***Macy was inspired by the 'Golden One' sign at the game when she made her joke.*** 

working on the list part one

remember my summer list.
it's pretty inspiring. ;)
i think you should make one too.
we're working on checking things off the list.

and speaking of "the list"....why is it that there is so much
gratification involved in actually checking something off of it?

why is it that the empty box stares straight into my soul as if to say,
"dude, (even though  i am a dudette) you forgot about me."
and i'm all about NOT forgetting things.
hence the list.


so here's us working on the list.
this falls into the potty training category in case there was any confusion.

teaching my 2 year old to read is not on the list.
but i'm feeling like maybe i ought to add it now.

consuming my soul

stop laughing.
it really was.
so i fixed it.
the end.

before. i know. gag.
after. the choir sings.