Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hair Time

Macy was given some fun hair accessories by some of our friend's daughter, Jazz. 
(macy says, "i think her name was jazz-y with a 'y'.")

We had to have a "hair" night last night 
to try them out.
We did a few different hair-do's, 
but this one had the most accessories.
Macy even did my hair!

She had asked me over and over, 
and finally I submitted to her requests.  
And wouldn't you know?
Seriously, so much fun.

Thanks Jazz for giving me a reason to have some super fun mommy daughter time.
I think I needed it.
(yes, macy has a funky rash all over the back and front of her neck. 
i think it's from the new sunscreen we used.)

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