Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Preschool Graduation}

officially graduated.
my baby is growing up.


*deeper sigh*

it's so cliche to say, "where does the time go?"
but seriously. 
all i can think about is time.
so here's my tribute to time, and most of dear darling daughter who made me a mommy.
thanks for the "times" of our lives with you.

::hopefully our time is spent in laughter and not so many tears.
::joyfully our time is now, let me not forget the years.

::prayerfully our time is spent together and not in time away.
::carefully let me mark in my heart for the time and joy I feel today.

Love you
teacher tracy and macy.
cole, teacher tracy, and macy.buddies kiley, macy, makayla, and cole.
love her face in this one. so my girl.zach, gettin' his flirt on.the star spangled banner.
 capturing the moments.
so blurry. 
but the only one of us together.

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