Sunday, June 6, 2010

the summer list

i hope that often my blog inspires someone to try something they haven't done before.

i often chose blogs to read that inspire me.
one such blog is called whatever by meg d.
she makes a summer list every year.
this year i decided to do one too.
all too often i'm inspired to do something, but i just can't think of what.
so hopefully, this will fill in the blanks when i'm coming up empty handed.


  1. Isn't this the best idea!? I love Meg! I not so secretly want to be just like her, lol!
    Yours turned out so cute! Michael's was all out of white posterboard when I went so I had to get neon green, it just doesn't show off the colors as well but it will do I suppose ;D
    It looks like you guys are going to have lots of fun this summer!!

    p.s. I'm so glad you link to your blog on FB b/c for some reason you weren't in my google reader anymore? I'm adding you now!

  2. You'll have to keep us posted how it goes! I love your handwriting, too!

  3. I'm totally doing you have the sidewalk chalk recipe??? How do you do that?