Thursday, July 1, 2010

ashlyn elizabeth lloyd

meet my new baby.
uhhhh....i mean matt and sara's new baby.
that's right THEIR baby.
{i have to keep reminding myself that she does not belong to ONLY me.}

i am officially a proud auntie...for the 3rd time...
jackson made me an aunt,
elizabeth made me an aunt to a GIRL,
and ashlyn just makes my buttons bust.
i am so in love with her.

here is her birthday photo story.
she is gorgeous.
did i mention that i love her?
because i do.

finally getting to hold for the first time....

big brother jackson

{happy family}

((paco's girls))


  1. made me tear up! AWESOME JOB JONI! ~anna

  2. J - thanks for the story in photos! Felt like I was there (well, it made me REALLY wish that I lived in Fresno).